AWS - SES (Amazon Simple Email Service)


Ready Recruit is making a transition from our current email service provider, "Mandrill," to "AWS SES" (Amazon Simple Email Service), in order to comply with TPES accreditation requirements. 

As part of this transition, we have adopted the new Amazon Simple Email Service as our sender, which will only allow verified emails or email domains to be used for sending.

To ensure a seamless migration, it is essential for your business to verify the email domains currently being used in Ready Recruit. To assist you with this process, we have provided step-by-step instructions below on how to verify your email domains before the migration takes place. 


Step 1 (Verify Email Domains):

Step 2 (Setup Outbound Emails Addresses):

Step 3 (Configure SMTP Settings):

Verified Domains:

To ensure seamless email sending, we will utilise verified domains. Verified domains allow the application to send emails from any user within the domain. For instance, a verified domain like or enables Ready Recruit to send emails from or respectively.

To verify a domain a series of DNS records need to be added to the domain; this is something that needs to be handled by the IT department of your business

We can’t send specific details of the process as only the department responsible for the domain will be able to determine your host and make the necessary changes but we have added a table with a few examples from the most popular domain hosts:

DNS/Hosting provider

Documentation link

GoDaddyAdd a CNAME record (external link)
DreamHostHow do I add custom DNS records? (external link)
CloudflareManaging DNS records in Cloudflare (external link)
HostGatorManage DNS Records with HostGator/eNom (external link)
NamecheapHow do I add TXT/SPF/DKIM/DMARC records for my domain? (external link) your domains DNS Settings (external link)
WixAdding or Updating CNAME Records in Your Wix Account (external link)

Fallback Domains:

Please note that any sender domain not in the verified list (https://{customer_name} will be changed to a fallback email address with our domain (, with the original sender set as the reply-to. 

This will ensure email delivery is not interrupted in the event that a user enters an unverified email address, and will still allow recipients to reply to the originally entered email address, but this should only be relied upon as a fallback.

For more technical details of the implementation see:

Update from Google & Yahoo:

Note: Also along with TPES audit requirements, both Google and Yahoo are introducing new email sending restrictions starting from February 2024 that require DKIM and SPF authentication and DMARC policies for all your sending domains.

DKIM and SPF authentication are covered in the above instructions to verify your domain with AWS SES, as we generate all the DNS records you need for these. Implementing a DMARC policy is something you’ll need to do separately. Please see here for more details:


On changing the email service, sent emails may initially land in the recipient’s spam folder. Hence, please inform your recipients to check their spam and mark any of the emails as “Not Spam” to help ensure future correspondence is received.

Also, please make sure to "complete this form" once the above process is completed. 

Testing all emails after the switch over:

And once the entire above process is completed, here is the list of some of the email communications on both Ready Recruit and Gateway to test once the above process is completed:

Ready Recruit Emails:

Main entity emails (Manual emails):
- Candidate emails
- Company emails

- Vacancy emails

- Placements emails

User account emails (Automated):
- New User Account - Welcome Emails
Update User Account emails

Password reset emails

Resend confirmation instructions emails

Notification Group Emails (Automated):
- Company status change emails
Vacancy status change emails

Placement status change emails

Qualification status change emails

Forms submissions emails

Status change emails (Based on templates) - (Automated):
- Application status change emails
- Placement status change emails

Gateway Emails:

Jobseeker Emails:

- Jobseeker - Welcome Emails

Jobseeker - Application confirmation emails

Jobseeker - Job Alert Emails

Employer Emails:

Employer - Welcome Emails

Employer - Application Received emails

User Level Emails:
Password Reset emails

Resend confirmation instructions emails

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