Ready Recruit - Release Notes (23 May, 2024)

WHS - Enhanced Permission (Improvement)

When a user no longer has the "Can manage all WHS Records" permission, the intended outcome is to restrict the user's access to their specific WHS records. This means that the WHS tab on the candidate/placement page will be disabled, effectively preventing direct entry into WHS records.

However, we've identified that "WHS notes" and "WHS attachments" are still visible on their respective search pages. This is not the desired behaviour following the revocation of the permission.

Corrections have been implemented to appropriately hide WHS notes and WHS attachments on the relevant search pages when the "Can manage all WHS Records" permission is revoked.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Fixed an issue where the users were unable to bulk update application statuses from a vacancy page.
  • Moved the company deletion process to a background worker to improve the page loading performance.
  • Enhanced an existing WHS related permission to better manage attachments and notes that were added against WHS records.

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