Ready Recruit - Release Notes (29 Apr, 2024)

Ready Recruit - Moveable Pop-up Windows (New Feature)

We have listened to your feedback and we're thrilled to announce a new feature that increases customisation and control in your hands.

As you use our software, you may come across various pop-up windows providing important information or asking for inputs. Previously, these windows were fixed in position - they appeared in a set location on your screen. We understood from your feedback that this could sometimes block other important content on the screen or disrupt your workflow.

To improve this, we've now made these pop-up windows movable. Now, you can click, hold, and drag the title bar of the pop-up window to any location you prefer on the screen. This guarantees that you can continue to view and interact with other parts of the application without obstruction.

With this update, we strive to further personalize your interaction with our software, giving you more flexibility and control over your user interface. We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this new feature.

Placement Page - Ability to view candidate pronoun (Improvement)

Another new feature that enhances inclusivity and respects gender diversity in our software. At times, using appropriate gender pronouns while interacting with candidates can be a significant marker of respect and inclusivity. Recognising this importance, we have introduced a feature that allows you to view a candidate's preferred pronouns right on the placement page.

From this update forward, you'll notice a new field on the placement page labeled 'Candidate Pronoun' under the "Candidate Details" section. This field will display the chosen pronouns of the candidate, as entered during the application process. By having this information at your fingertips, we aim to foster a respectful and inclusive environment for all users. It will increase awareness and encourage thoughtful communication, thereby enhancing your relationship with candidates. We're committed to making our software more inclusive and user-friendly. We encourage you to explore this new feature and we welcome your feedback.

Candidate Page - New Status "Prospect" (Improvement)

We are pleased to announce a new addition to the candidate status option in Ready Recruit. To better optimise and streamline your recruiting process, we have introduced a new "Prospect" status for candidates.

As part of your recruitment workflow, you may often come across candidates who might not be a suitable fit for a current role but show promise for future opportunities. Clearly marking these individuals can help keep your pipeline organised and ensure that you don’t lose track of potential talent. With the new "Prospect" status, you can now tag these candidates for easy reference and follow-ups. This new status can be applied from the candidate's profile page, under the 'Status' dropdown menu.

We believe this new feature will help improve your talent acquisition strategy by ensuring promising candidates are not overlooked and can be easily reconsidered for future roles.

Additional Info - UX Improvements (Improvement)

We have made some updates to improve your experience while creating or updating the custom properties (additional information) via the admin dashboard. We have implemented a series of minor label changes and user experience (UX) enhancements.

These label updates intend to offer more clarity and enhance the intuitive navigation of the modal. We have also refined the language to make it more user-friendly, making it easier for you to understand the information displayed and complete necessary tasks.

While these modifications may seem small, they add up to a smoother, more intuitive user experience. Keep an eye out for them the next time you're in the custom properties window, and as always, we welcome your feedback.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Added the ability to move pop-up windows on Ready Recruit.
  • Added the ability to view candidate pronouns on a placement page.
  • Added a new status "Prospect" against the candidate entity.
  • Fixed an issues where the users were unable to export the form submissions.
  • Fixed a security vulnerability against the uploading of images functionality on Gateway. 

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