Ready Recruit - Release Notes (01 Feb, 2024)

User Permissions - Display entity wise (Improvement)

We have made some significant modifications to the user permissions page in order to simplify it and enhance its usability for admin users who are responsible for managing the user role permissions module. Currently, Ready Recruit has over 160 user permissions, which can be challenging to handle since they are all displayed on a single page. Therefore, we have organised the user permissions based on their respective entities, making it much simpler for admin users to identify and manage them efficiently.

Placements - Ability to send emails to Supervisors (New Feature)

Ready Recruit allows users to perform searches in bulk and update multiple records at a time. In this release we have provided the users with the ability to perform the following bulk action against the placements.

  • Bulk Send Emails to Supervisors

Users will now have the ability to send bulk emails to the placement supervisors from the placements search page. This feature is very beneficial when there is a need to send important communications to multiple records at the same time.

Placement Reports - New Filter (New Feature)

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our placement reports, we are delighted to announce the addition of a new filter to the placement reports page on Ready Recruit. This new feature empowers users to easily search, view, and filter the placement reports based on the following field:

  • Officers

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • The user permissions module has been organised according to their respective entities, which greatly simplifies the identification and efficient management for admin users.
  • Added the ability to send bulk emails to the placement supervisors.
  • Added the ability to filter placement reports based on Officers.

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