Ready Recruit - Release Notes (13 Nov, 2023)

Message Media Integration - SMS Services (New Feature)

At present, SMS services on Ready Recruit are facilitated through a third-party service provider known as "Message Media". However, this integration was achieved by developing an internal micro-service called "Cadet" to access Message Media's outdated SOAP API services. This approach necessitates more maintenance on our part. Additionally, Message Media has transitioned to a new REST API service and will soon be phasing out their legacy system. As a result, we have discontinued our "Cadet" micro-service and have instead directly integrated with Message Media's new REST API.Note: If you are presently utilising the SMS services on Ready Recruit, it is recommended that you follow the instructions provided here to set up the new Message Media API details on Ready Recruit.

Product Usage Statistics - New Reports Page (New Feature)

At the conclusion of each financial year, we furnish our valued customers with system usage statistics in accordance with their specific requests. This entails manually digging through the database and compiling extensive data in spreadsheets. As a result, we are pleased to announce that we have recently introduced a new stats page within the application, which showcases system usage statistics through visually appealing graphs and widgets. The following usage statistics are now readily available to our users through the newly added "Product Stats" option under the "Reports" on the LHS Menu (Sidebar):

  • Total Emails Sent
  • Total SMS’s Sent
  • Total Notes Created
  • Total Candidates Created
  • Total Placements Created (Without Rotations)
  • Total Forms Submitted
  • Total Visits Completed

Note: Please be advised that the data presented to users is based on the current year, month, and week. 

Placement Reports - New Options (Product Idea)

We are pleased to inform you that we have made some improvements to our placement reports page on Ready Recruit. As you may know, the "Reports" option on the LHS Menu (Sidebar) currently allows users to access certain placement reports. However, we have received feedback from some of our customers that the existing reports only display data for the current month and the previous six months, which may not be sufficient for their needs. To address this issue, we have added new options to view placement reports data based on different time periods. This will enable you to access the information you need for the entire financial/annual year based on the following new options:

  • View Last 12 Months (Default View)
  • View the Current FY
  • View the Previous FY
  • View the Current Calendar Year

Forms Admin - New Column (Improvement)

At present, users possess the capability to assign or add merge fields to individual fields against forms. However, there is no provision to view the assigned merge field in any location. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we have incorporated the following new table column on the forms admin page as shown below:

  • Merge Field

Placements Search - New Bulk Action (New Feature)

Ready Recruit allows users to perform searches in bulk and update multiple records at a time. In this release we have provided the users with the ability to perform the following bulk action against applications & placements.

  • Create Reminders

This action is restricted by a user role permission that has been included within the roles and permissions area from the admin dashboard, allowing you to decide which user role should have the ability to create reminders against applications & placement records in the system. 

By default this permission will be available only for the "Admin" user role. This permission is labelled as:

  • Can Bulk Create Reminders

Note: This comes in handy when handling multiple records at a time.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • SMS Services are now integrated via Sinch MessageMedia’s new API
  • Users can now view system usage statistics through visually appealing graphs and widgets
  • Added the ability to view placement reports data based on different time periods.
  • Assigned merge fields against Quest forms are now viewable.
  • Bulk placement reminders can now be created from the Placements search page.

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