Ready Recruit - Release Notes (25 Oct, 2023)

Email Notification Groups - Ability to customise (New Feature)

On Ready Recruit, for certain actions like (placement status changes, Company status changes, Qualification status changes or form submissions), automated email notifications are triggered to certain notification groups informing them about the changes. Starting from today, admin users will have the ability to further customise these actions against the notification groups.

Example: You can now choose "not to trigger" an email notification to the finance group when a “Placement status” is updated on Ready Recruit.

Admin users will now have more control over the automated emails that are being triggered from Ready Recruit and will also significantly reduce the amount of email spam to the selected notification groups.

WHS - New Merge Fields (New Feature)

We have added the following new merge fields on Ready Recruit against the WHS entity. These new merge fields can be accessed via quest form fields, email templates, letter templates, sms templates via the admin dashboard:

  • Apprentice First Name
  • Apprentice Last Name
  • Apprentice Full Name
  • Apprentice Email
  • Apprentice DOB
  • Apprentice Mobile Phone
  • Apprentice Home Address
  • Apprentice Postal Address
  • Company Legal Name
  • Company Trading Name
  • Worksite Address
  • Job Title
  • Supervisor Name
  • Current Year
  • Host Start Date
  • Host Exp End Date
  • Host Actual End Date

Vacancies Search - New Bulk Action (New Feature)

Ready Recruit allows users to perform searches in bulk and update multiple records at a time. In this release we have provided the users with the ability to perform the following bulk action against the vacancies.

  • Update Vacancy Trades/Occupations

This action is restricted by a user role permission that has been included within the Roles and Permissions area from the admin dashboard, allowing you to decide which user role should have the ability to update the vacancy trades/occupations against the vacancy records in the system. By default this permission will be available only for the "Admin" user role.

This permission is labelled as:

  • Can Bulk Update Vacancy Trades/Occupations

Note: This comes in handy when handling multiple records at a time.

Notes Search - New Export Field (New Feature)

In this release, users will have the ability to export the file note records into a spreadsheet (.csv) against the notes search page based on the following field:

  • Candidate Email

Forms Admin - Perform multiple submissions via public link (New Feature)

Ready Recruit will now allow users to perform multiple submissions through a single public link generated via the forms admin page. Admin users who have access to the forms admin page can generate the public links by selecting the "Public Link" option under the "Actions" button on a form.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Added the ability to customise the actions against the email notification groups via admin page.
  • Added the ability to bulk update vacancy trades/occupations from the vacancies search page.
  • Added the ability to perform multiple form submissions through the public link generated via the forms admin page.
  • A new export field (candidate email) has been added to the notes exports (.csv).
  • Added new merge fields against WHS entity.
  • Fixed email address validation on Gateway registration pages.

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