Ready Recruit - Release Notes (12 Oct, 2023)

Location Name - New Filter/Column/Export (New Feature)

In this release, we have added new filters, exports and table columns aginst the following search pages:

  • Company Search:
    • Head Office Location Name
    • Postal Address Location Name
  • Placement Search:
    • Worksite Location Name

Sub Tabs - New Tab Counters (Product Idea)

In continuation to the previous week's release, we have added the tab counters against each sub tab (those menus at the bottom of the vacancy page, application page & placement page) that will display the total count against the sub tabs within a tab.

Based on a product idea received from some of the customers, we thought it would be awesome if each of these menus had a number next to them to show how many entries are contained within them. 

Currently, these tab counters are added against the following pages

  • Vacancy Page
  • Application Page
  • Placement Page

Vacancies Search - New Bulk Action (New Feature)

Ready Recruit allows users to perform searches in bulk and update multiple records at a time. In this release we have provided the users with the ability to perform the following bulk action against the vacancies.

  • Update Vacancy Closing Dates

This action is restricted by a user role permission that has been included within the Roles and Permissions area from the admin dashboard, allowing you to decide which user role should have the ability to update the vacancy closing dates against the vacancy records in the system. By default this permission will be available only for the "Admin" user role.

This permission is labelled as:

  • Can Bulk Update Vacancy Closing Dates

Note: This comes in handy when handling multiple records at a time.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Added the ability to filter and export the location names against the companies and placements.
  • Added sub-tab counters against vacancies, applications and placement pages.
  • Added the ability to bulk update vacancy closing dates from the vacancies search page.
  • Fixed an issue where the filters against the form submissions page are not working.
  • Fixed an issue where the associated form tags are not displaying against the selected quest forms.

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