Ready Recruit Release Notes (21 Dec, 2022)

New Widget - Due & Upcoming Completions (Product Idea)

On Ready Recruit, we have an existing widget called as "Upcoming Completions" which assist the users in identifying any Apprentice or Trainee records that are currently completing a Qualification where the "Training Contract Expected End Date" is within the next 30 days and the placement status is Current.

As per a product idea received, we have slightly updated this widget to allow the users to select a date range scale to view the both "Due & Upcoming Completions" on Ready Recruit.

Note: The default date range will now pick up the placements with "TC Expected End Date" that “7 days” in the past and “30 days” in the future.

Merge Candidates - Delete Jobseeker on Gateway

Starting from today, when a child candidate record is being merged into the parent record using the merge candidates feature on Ready Recruit, and if the child candidate record has an associated Gateway jobseeker account, the system will now merge the child record into the parent record and delete the child candidate record from both Ready Recruit and Gateway systems.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Added a new dashboard widget "Due & Upcoming Completions" on Ready Recruit.
  • On Ready Recruit, merging a child candidate record that has an associated Gateway jobseeker record will now remove both the candidate records on both Ready Recruit & Gateway.
  • Fixed an issue on Gateway registration steps where the password length (placeholder text) was displaying incorrectly.

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