Ready Recruit Release Notes (08 Dec, 2022)

Events Search - New Export Field

On the events search page, we have added the ability to export the event records based on the following field:

  • Details (Comments)

Notes Exports - Sorted based on Created Date

To the notes exports, we have added a default sort (newest ones on the top) to the exported file note records (.csv file) on Ready Recruit based on the following field:

  • Created Date

Bulk SMS - Label Change

We have updated the dry run message on the bulk SMS window for the customers who use SMS feature on Ready Recruit. Users currently have the ability to send bulk SMS's from the following areas:

  • Candidates Search
  • Applications Search
  • Placements Search

Ready Recruit - Bootstrap v5 Upgrade

We have upgraded our Bootstrap framework library from v3 to v5. Bootstrap is a popular CSS Framework for developing responsive and mobile-first websites. The older version has been identified as having vulnerabilities that can lead to Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attacks. Hence, we have updated our bootstrap library version that has these vulnerabilities fixed.

Note: Users might observe slight changes/improvements to the most of the UI pages (buttons, icons, responsive designs, colours etc) because of this update.

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Added the ability to export event records based on "Details" field.
  • Added a default sort (newest ones on the top) to the exported note file (.csv file).
  • Updated the dry run message on the bulk SMS pop-up windows.
  • Improved the memory capacity to withhold multiple exports across multiple customers.
  • Updated the Bootstrap library version from v3 to v5 on Ready Recruit.

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