Calendar Subscriptions on Ready Recruit

Calendar Subscription

  • On Ready Recruit, users have the ability to create calendar subscriptions for certain entities.
  • Once the calendar app on your desktop is synced with the Ready Recruit application, the users will have a better experience in scheduling their work.
  • Users can view and receive notification based on the events and reminders created on Ready Recruit that are assigned to them 
  • Users can use the following calendar applications on their machines: 
    • Microsoft Outlook App for Windows OS
    • Apple Calendar App for MacOS/ iOS

Types of Subscriptions

Assigned users can subscribe for the following entities on Ready Recruit

  • Events (All entities)
  • Reminders (All entities)
  • Site Visits (can be subscribed under events)
  • Interviews (can be subscribed under events)

Process of Subscription

Step 1: (Subscribe Now !)

  • The Calendar subscription feature is specific for each user profile, hence this feature can be accessed from the User Profile page on the LHS menu. 
  • Users will have to click on the Subscribe Now ! button (link) under the Calendar Subscription section

Step 2: (Re-direct to the Calendar app)

  • Once the Subscribe Now ! button is clicked, the application will ask for a confirmation and the application will re-direct the user to their default calendar app on their computer 
    • If Windows OS, the default calendar app will be Microsoft Outlook
    • If Mac OS, the default calendar app will be the Apple Calendar app.

Step 3: (Configuring the Calendar App - Optional) 

  • You can click on the “Advanced” option and do some customisations
    • Example: Adding a name, description, configuring cloud accounts, etc. to the calendar subscription 

Step 4: (View the assigned Events & Reminders)

  • You can now start viewing the events and reminders that are assigned to you (as a user on Ready Recruit system) on your local calendar 


  • Here is an example of an Interview record created on Ready Recruit under a Candidate entity. 
  • Since this Interview record was assigned to me (Ram Goalla) as a user on Ready Recruit, I can directly view this event (interview) on the calendar app on my computer
  • I can even set up notifications, meeting requests etc through the Outlook App.

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