Ready Recruit Release Notes (17 May, 2022)

Site Visits Search - New Bulk Action

Ready Recruit allows users to perform searches in bulk and update multiple records at a time. This release provides the users with the ability to perform the following bulk action against the site visits.

  • Bulk Re-Assign Field Officer

This comes in handy when handling multiple records at a time, and a note needs to be created against more than one record.

Claims Search - Ability to customise table columns

You will now have the ability to customise the table columns on the claims search page and also against the claims tab on the placements.

By default all the available table columns will be displayed to the users. You can customise these by clicking on the "Customise Columns" button and select the checkboxes. Only the selected columns will be displayed to the user on the claims search table.

Note: This is a user profile specific feature. Hence, every user profile can set their own table columns. We will also implement this for other search pages in the coming weeks.

Interviews Search - New Filter & Export

On the interviews search page, we have added the ability to filter and search for the interview records based on the following field:

  • Vacancy Job Title

WHS Attachments - Bulk Upload

While adding WHS records against the placements, users were unable to upload multiple attachments on the WHS window. Hence, starting from today we have added the ability (either by clicking "browse" option or by drag & drop feature) to upload multiple attachments against the WHS records on Ready Recruit.

Reminders Search - Bulk Upload

On the reminders search page, we have added the ability to filter and view the reminders based on the following fields:

  • Reminder Title

  • Completed By

What's new in Ready Recruit:

  • Added a new bulk action on the site visits search page.

  • Added the ability to customise table columns on the claims search page.

  • Added a new filter & export on the interviews search page.

  • Added the ability to bulk upload attachments against WHS records.

  • Added 2 new filters  and table columns on the reminders search page.

  • Fixed an issue on the Gateway admin page while updating occupations.

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