Multi Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA)

What is Multi Factor Authentication?

Multi factor authentication (MFA) or Two Factor Authentication (2FA) method is an extra layer of security to your current username and password. It requires you to enter a temporary code generated by an Authenticator application installed on your smartphone - when you are logging in every time. 

This method is widely used across the world for various web applications where the users have to identify themselves by more than 1 authentication process, which is an existing authentication method (entering a username and password) to login to a web application. 

Where to find it?

Once this feature (2FA/MFA) is enabled, every user will have the ability to configure the MFA feature against their user profiles via the User Profile page on the LHS menu.

How to configure (2FA/MFA)?

Step 1:

  • Scroll down to the "Two Factor Authentication" section on the "User Profile" page and click "Enable 2FA Authentication" button.
  • Users will be displayed with a QR code through which they can authenticate their credentials using a 3rd party mobile app.
  • Install Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator or Authy apps on your smartphone from the App Store (for iPhone/iPad devices) or Google Play (for Android devices).
  • After installation, please scan the QR code using the authentication app on your smartphone and click "Next" button.

Step 2:

  • Once, the QR code is scanned, please enter the 6 digit code from the authentication app on your smartphone and click "Complete" to complete the configuration process.
  • Now your user account is configured with 2FA/MFA Authentication.

How to login using (2FA/MFA)?

  • Once 2FA/MFA Authentication is configured on your account, users are free to access the application for the 1st time without having to login with this new process.
  • But from the next time, if you want to login to Ready Recruit application, you will have to enter a 6 digit (OTP) code from the Authentication app on your smartphone on the login page.
  • This 6 digit code has to be entered along with your username and password every time you login to Ready Recruit Application.

How to disable (2FA/MFA Auth) for your account?

Option 1:

  • After logging into the application, users can disable the 2FA/MFA Authentication process by clicking on the User Profile page on the LHS menu (Sidebar) and scroll down to the Two Factor Authentication section and click on the "Disable 2FA Authentication" button.

Option 2 (Disable using Admin Users Help):

  • For some reason, if a user is unable to use the Authentication app on their mobiles, the Admin users on Ready Recruit can also disable the 2FA/MFA Authentication for the selected user accounts from the Users page on the admin dashboard. 
  • Admin users will notice a Lock Icon against the user accounts that have 2FA/MFA Authentication enabled on the user accounts.
  • Admin users can click on the lock icon and disable 2FA/MFA Authentication for a selected user account.


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