Product Ideas Board

What is Product Ideas Board?

Product Ideas feature on Ready Recruit is a “Voice of Customer” platform to collect and manage product ideas from our Clients. We review the ideas in line with our release cycles with the aim of providing updates on the idea status and including ideas in our product roadmap.

Who can Access it?

Any user role with the permission “Can Access Product Ideas Board” can submit product ideas directly from Ready Recruit. This permission will be enabled only for the “admin” role by default.

How to Access it?

From the top navigation bar (on every page), users with “Admin” role permission will be able to see a new button called Product Ideas. On clicking the button, they will be redirected to the Product Ideas board.


Engage with Product Ideas: 

Admins can engage in 3 main ways:

  1. Submit a new product Idea
  2. Upvote someone else’s product idea
  3. Leave a comment on a product idea

The below image shows how the product ideas board appears after clicking the Product Ideas button on Ready Recruit. Users can also sort the ideas by the most popular, new and trending and can also search by certain keywords.


Try and cover the main bases for a feature request or a product Idea, so we can best understand it.

Some of these include:

  1. A simple description of what your suggestion is for
  2. What problem are you trying to solve with your suggestion? Tell us a bit about the problem you’re facing
  3. How do you currently solve this problem?
  4. How your suggestion would behave/function?
  5. How the change would behave/function?
  6. What benefit it would provide to you, as a Ready Recruit system user


Once you have satisfactorily entered your information, press the Submit button to add it to the Community.

From here your information will be reviewed and considered for inclusion.

How to Login / Troubleshoot?

There is no need to create a user in the Product Ideas site as the Admin credentials in Ready Recruit will be used to create a new user in the Product Ideas board. For the very first Login, a new user is created in the Product Ideas site before the content of the site becomes available. It might take a few seconds to create the user and the following page will be shown. If this happens, please access the Product Ideas site from Ready Recruit again and the contents will become available.


Thank you for helping us make Ready Recruit the best it can be!

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