JobReady.Direct - 14/11/17

New features coming tonight in JobReady.Direct. Check them out!

Phone Type - Fax

JobReady Direct since its creation, has never had the ability to store Phone Types as a Fax Number, as we didn't believe that fax machines were still used (turns out they are). After a high demand for Fax numbers to be stored within the JobReady, we have now enabled the Phone Type for Fax to be enabled within JobReady Direct, allowing for users to capture and store fax numbers within the system.

Site Visits - Date Format

When exporting the due date from the Site Visits search, the format has now been updated to just show the due date and not the time. This has been removed from the extract as the due date is purely to capture the date that the site visit is Due, that scheduled date and time will be used to capture the date and time of the site visit.

Placements - Update Officer

JobReady.Direct has had the ability for Officers to be updated in bulk from the Placement listing page for some time now. In this release this functionality has been increased to allow for users to choose if they wish to update the outstanding Site Visits to re-assign to the new Officer as a part of this update. This has been introduced to take on the tedious task of re-assigning site visits individually where a user may have left or been re-assigned to other records.

Vacancies - Columns

To increase the information made available on the Vacancy Index Listing, JobReady.Direct has now included the Vacancy Office to be visible as a part of the Vacancy listing.

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