JobReady.Direct Release - 28/11/17

New features coming tonight in JobReady.Direct. Check them out!

Hi All,

The countdown begins this week with Christmas now less than a month away, and it’s safe to say that I am excited.

Over the past sprint on JobReady Direct, the team have been working on improving our existing integrations. This includes Astute Payroll, having the ability to manually join records between JobReady and Astute to help make this compatible with the existing Astute integration. We have also completed the first stage of the integration with our Student Management System, JobReady Plus, allowing you to seamlessly push data from one JobReady system to another. This is a huge leap forward for our suite of applications, stay tuned as we progress further with this integration and the benefits to your organisation.

In addition to the integration work, we have also worked on the user experience of JobReady Direct by making the Admin Dashboard screens more consistent with each other, and simplifying a number of the views for administrators.

The lead up to Christmas has definitely come along very quickly, which means it is time for the final JobReady Direct webinar for 2017. The date has not been confirmed as of yet, however we will be sending out a notification this week with a registration link to signup to the webinar, with some very exciting news and development to be shown, keep your eyes peeled for the invitation.

For the full release notes, please see below!

Kind Regards,

Admin Dashboard - Claims

From the Admin Dashboard of JobReady Direct, we have made the ability to enable and disable claims easier for admins by adding the option as a button on the listing. This will split the listing to show those that are enabled vs those that are disabled so that users are not endlessly scrolling through the full listing of claims to find what they need. To disable or enable a claim, simply click on the Plus or Minus button from the relative listing.

Admin Dashboard - Properties

When accessing or creating custom properties within the Admin Dashboard, users will now see that this has been broken down into sections based on the entity that the property is related to. This has been done to assist users when looking for a specific property reducing the amount that is displayed by grouping them.

Letters - Attach to Email

When generating Letters within JobReady Direct, users will now have the ability to generate an email directly from the Letters table. This means that when you launch a new email from the Letter, that letter PDF will automatically be attached to the email that is being sent to either the Apprentice or the Employer.

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