JobReady.Direct Release - 27/09/17

New features are now available in JobReady.Direct. Check them out!

Hi Everyone,

Over the past week the JobReady Direct team has accomplished an incredible amount of development work, so instead of waiting for our usual fortnightly release, we decided why not share these features with you sooner?
As a part of this weeks completed work, we have updated multiple processes to help increase your efficiencies within the system, such as adding awards to vacancies, to save this being added into each individual placement once they are successful. Other areas that have been updated are the bulk re-assigning of Site Visits once a placement has had the officer updated, and we have also included the option of bulk invalidations of Claims, Site Visits and Reminders upon cancellations and suspensions.
As per last week’s release notes, we will be having our first JobReady Direct webinar, which will be held on Thursday the 5th October. We will be sending out the invitations to the webinar in a follow-up email today, which will contain the content included in the webinar along with the registration link. If you are unable to attend the webinar, we will be recording the session, and will post this on our Zendesk online content.
For a full view of the JobReady Direct release notes that are now available to you, please see the below!

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Update Officer - Update Site Visits

When updating the officer against the placement record, users will now be prompted to choose if they wish to update the site visits due in the future with the new officer of the placement. This has been introduced to allow users to update the officer of the site visits at the point of update on the placement.

Vacancies - Edit statuses

Last week, we introduced a permission to the system that would specify if users could edit the status of a vacancy. This proved to be an issue as there were some statuses that users should/shouldn't be able to edit or update.

This permission has now been changed to "Can Open Vacancies". This will now allow users who have this turned on to be the only users who have access to change the status of a vacancy to open.

Vacancies - Awards

To increase efficiencies and reduce double entry of information, users will now have the ability to specify the Award of a vacancy when they add or edit the vacancy. This award is a direct lookup to the Awards table in the admin dashboard, which is the same as the lookup in the placements.

Where a vacancy has an Award assigned to it, and a placement has been successfully placed against the job, the Award will be linked to the placement, removing the need for it to be added against the finance tab again.

Cancellations/Suspensions - Invalidate records

When a user is completing a Cancellation or a Suspension against a placement, they will be presented with the option to Invalidate Reminders, Site Visits, and Claims that have a due date after the Host Actual End Date.

This will mark any record as Invalid where the Due Date or the Scheduled Date/Time is after the Host Actual End Date that is entered during the Cancellation or Suspension.

Qualifications - Nominal Duration

On the Training Tab of a placement, users will now see the Nominal Duration of the qualification that the placement is undertaking.

This is linked to the qualification code in the back end of the system, however this can be edited by clicking on the edit button of the Contract Details section of the Training Tab.

Licenses - Additional Licenses

JobReady Direct has now incorporated the ability to add additional licenses to the Candidate records within the system. Previously the system would allow for Vehicle Licenses only, however within the Admin Dashboard users will now be able to add "Licenses" to the system.

Once this list of licenses has been built, they can then be added against the Candidate record, under the Additional information - Licenses. This can be used to capture White Cards, Contractor Licenses etc.

Admin Dashboard - UI Update

We have updated the interface within the Admin Dashboard of JobReady Direct, as we know that these options are ever growing. The new layout will accomodate for new configuration items to be added to the dashboard without the dashboard being required to scroll to get to where you need to be. 

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