JobReady.Direct Release - 05/09/17

New features are now available in JobReady.Direct. Check them out!

Hi Everyone,

Spring has finally sprung, and with it we have introduced some exciting enhancements to JobReady Direct.

We take security seriously here and we try to encourage our clients too as well. One of the ways we allow users to do this is by locking down user roles and permissions. We have expanded the permissions in the system to now allow 73 different customisable permissions for user roles, with over 40 permissions being added in the last 12 months, providing flexibility when managing users. If you haven’t yet setup your user permissions, and need a hand configuring these, let the support team know through Zendesk, and we will be happy to assist.

We are pleased to announce that we are continuing our efforts to improve our integrations with third party systems. We are in the final stages of testing integration between JobReady Direct and Astute Payroll, streamlining the data flow between the two applications. As well, we are furthering our integration with Seek. More information on these integrations will be announced over the coming weeks as these projects come to a close.

This sprint has also included some pretty extensive updates to the Filters and Exports within JobReady Direct, increasing the reporting capabilities from the index pages.

For a full update on this week’s release notes, please see the feature updates below. As always, there have been bugs and general system updates made to the JobReady Direct, if you have logged a ticket regarding these updates, the support team will contact you through your Zendesk query.

Kind Regards

Quick Search - Created Date

When using the quick search on the left hand side of the page, users will now be shown the Created Date of the record that was found. For example, if a Candidate record has been identified in the quick search, the Created Date of that candidate will now be displayed.

This has been introduced to help users identify the records that are found where there may be similar or duplicate names found in the search.

Vacancy Edit Screen

When adding or editing a Vacancy, step 2 of the popup screen will now display additional fields below: 

  • Internal Source
  • Sales Consultant 
  • Rating 

The layout of this screen has also been updated to be consistent with the information being entered, grouping the user fields, and the date fields.

Tags & Alerts - Entity Listing
When editing or adding Tags & Alerts into the admin dashboard of the JobReady.Direct system, users will now see that the tags and alerts are separated by the entity that they are relevant to. This has been introduced to assist collating tags and alerts where an organisation may have tens of records making it difficult to find the tag and alert required to be updated.

Vacancy Templates - New Fields

To improve the visibility of Vacancy Templates at a glance, users will now have the ability to quickly view the following additional fields as columns against the Vacancy Templates page: 

  • Job Title 
  • Qualification 
  • Trade 
  • Hours per week

Permissions - Vacancy Status Management


A new permission has been included in the system called "Can Manage Vacancy Statuses". When users don't have this permission assigned to their role, they will be restricted from updating a Vacancies Status. When a Vacancy is created, the status will default to Pending, and require a user to approve or update to Open.

If your organisation wishes to allow all users to manage vacancy statuses, this permission can be assigned to their user roles.

This role will default to be turned on for Administrators, and will need to be manually turned on for other user roles.

Placement - Worksites List


When users are assigning the worksite to the Placement records, users will now have the ability to see the worksite name in both the drop down list, and on top of the worksite address once it has been selected. This has been added to increase the information captured about the workplace, when organisations have multiple names for their workplaces.

Filters & Export

Site Visits - Filters & Exports:
The below field has been added on the Site Visits search page: 

  • Placement Office 

Interviews - Filters & Exports: 
The below field has been added on the Interviews search page: 

  • Candidate Office 

Vacancy - Filters & Exports: 
The below field has been added on the Vacancy search page: 

  • Vacancy Office

Claims - Filters & Exports:
The below fields have been included as Filters and Exports in the Claims search page:

  • Returned Date
  • Received Date
  • Paid Date
  • Candidate Office
  • Host Employer Trading Name
  • Qualification Start Date

Placements - Filters & Exports
The below fields have been added as export fields from the Placement search page:

  • Host Head Office Address
  • Host Head Office Suburb
  • Host Head Office State
  • Host Head Office Postcode
  • Host Postal Office Address
  • Host Postal Office Suburb
  • Host Postal Office State
  • Host Postal Office Postcode
  • Apprenticeship Centre 
  • RTO

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