JobReady.Direct Release - 24/08/17

New features are now available in JobReady.Direct. Check them out!

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In this week’s release to JobReady.Direct, we have introduced multiple new features to help improve data that is captured in the system, as well as usability in certain areas. The claims module is currently being updated to capture more information around status tracking and payment dates, and will continue to expand for reporting purposes. A new feature called quick filters has been added into the site visits tab of the placement records, which we are quite excited about being able to roll this out into other areas of the JobReady.Direct system where we might see fit.

We are currently working on updating our online help content, which will be enhanced over the coming weeks that will contain online training videos, and specific feature videos designed to help users adopt specific features within the system.

Something that we are excited about over the coming few weeks is our first JobReady.Direct online webinar that we will be holding towards the end of September. The idea behind this is to give users of the system a refresher to some of the features that exist in the system as well as some new development that we are working on.

For a full update on the latest release notes, please see the articles below.

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Claims - New Fields

To expand the information that gets captured in the claims/incentives module on JobReady.Direct, the team have introduced fields for the Received, Returned, and Paid Dates to the system. These can be added when editing a claim from the Placement - Finance tab.

To add the paid date to the system, users must first set the claim status to one of the following statuses before the date field is made editable: 

  • Payment Passed On 
  • Payment Received 
  • Paid

Vacancies - Enhanced Edit Screen

JobReady.Direct introduced a new Vacancy modal towards the end of 2016 that uses a carousel style screen allowing users to create Vacancies in steps. This carousel has now been expanded to be available when editing the Vacancy screen, as well as when creating a new Vacancy directly from a Company.

Expanding this carousel allows users to be able to enter the additional information on step 4 from the initial creation of the Vacancy without having to edit the Vacancy after creation to enter this information, as well as being able to manage the whole Vacancy creation process in a step by step process.

Offices - Enable & Disable

JobReady.Direct will now allow for users to Enable/Disable offices from the Admin Dashboard.
Disabling an office will remove it from the office drop down list against new or existing records within the system.

Any existing records assigned to an office that is disabled will remain with this office assigned and can still be filtered on, however once updated to a new office, the record will not be able to be assigned back to the previous site unless it is enabled again.
This will allow for systems with legacy offices or sites to be disabled and current list of offices maintained.

Claims - Override Due Date

Users will now have a new permission available to be assigned to roles in JobReady.Direct called Can Override the Due Date of Claim.

This permission will give users the ability to override the due date of claims where the system may have calculated the due date incorrectly. Where this permission has not been assigned to the users role, the due date of claims will remain greyed out and not editable.

Site Visits - Quick Filters

We have introduced in the latest release to JobReady.Direct a feature that we call Quick Filters. This feature will allow users to view Site Visits that are at different stages or statuses at a glance, rather than sorting through site visits to find the visits desired against a placement.

Quick filters available are below:

  • Next 6 Months (Will show Site Visits with a Due Date within the next 6 Months)
  • Due/Overdue (Will show Site Visits that have a status of Due or Overdue)
  • Completed (Will show Site Visits with a Status of Completed)
  • All Site Visits (Will show all Site Visits as they were previously displayed)

The quick filters have been built in a way that the design can be re-used throughout the system, and will no doubt be introduced in other areas of JobReady.Direct.

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