JobReady Direct Release - 28/11/18

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The Direct team have been working away over the past fortnight on further improvements to your usability in Direct. This includes significant changes to how you can now manage and track the Contract Dates in Direct, assisting with the calculating of Competency Based Progressions and Completions.

Also, on the back of the new widget introduced last week for My Prospects, we have also increased the customisation on this widget. You will now be able to select to only show prospects that have not been contacted for over a period of time, ranging weekly from 1 to 4 weeks. This will allow for you to quickly have visibility over Prospect Hosts that should be contacted from your dashboard.

Further to this, we are continuing our work on rolling out an improved User Management system, which is scheduled to be included in a security update on Friday night. Further communication will be sent out in regard to this later today, as this will have an impact on all users of Direct.

For a full view of this week’s release notes, please see below!

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Andrew Koster
Product Owner

Contract Dates - Competency Based Progressions 

Over the past few releases, Direct has been improved to support the automation of progression dates being added to the Contract Dates tab of the Placement. This being a focus for us leading into the end of 2019, we have included further improvements by allowing for Competency Based Progressions to be managed and tracked as well.

As a result, users will be able to enter Actual Year End Dates for Year 1 to 5 that may vary from the Nominal Year End Dates. Where a Placement has progressed early based on Competency, users will be able to also recalculate the remaining Contract Dates by clicking on the Recalculate button on the bottom of this screen. This will calculate the Year Start and Expected End Dates following from the Year Actual End Date that has been entered.

Where a date has been entered incorrectly, or the Contract Dates need to be reset back to what they were when they were previously, we have included a Reset button. This button will set the Year 1 to 5 Start and Expected End Dates based on the Training Contract Start and Expected End Dates regardless of the Actual End Dates in the Contract Dates tab.

For more information on this update, please see the below article on ZenDesk to assist with supporting the new process.

Additionally, where a record has a Year Actual End Date, the Placement will be automatically assigned a tag "Competency Based Progression". This is allocated by Direct to easily identify Placements that have been progressed in this manner.

Note: the following update is a feature that needs to be requested to be switched on. You can request for this functionality to be turned on to your staging site, however this will be turned on for all Direct sites 01/01/2019.

My Prospects Widget - Additional Options

When using the My Prospects Widget, it is important to know which Prospects have not been contacted over a period of time. As this is not directly visible on the dashboard, we have included an option for you to select whether you wish to see prospects that specifically have not been contacted for more than a week, right up to Prospects that have not been contacted on for more than 4 weeks.

By default, this option will be to show all prospects, however if you wish to focus your prospect widget on those that require a contact to be made, you can select Prospects that have not been contacted for greater than 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks in the Customise Widget options.

Note: this will exclude any Prospects that have been contacted within the period chosen (1 week for example).

Quick Search Improvements

The below values are now able to be searched on within the Quick Search bar from the Left Hand Side menu: 

  • Mobile Number (Candidates and Company Contacts)
  • Email Addresses (Candidates and Company Contacts)
  • Record IDs (Candidates, Companies, Vacancies, Applications, Placements)

 Note, when filtering for Record IDs, you will be required to include a # before the number to find the exact record, for example - #211 will find any record with the ID of 211. The record IDs can be found in the URL for that record.

Bulk Actions - Activity Log

When performing Bulk Actions against any record in Direct, an Activity record will be stored against the records that had the action performed. This was previously only available on some actions, however has now been updated to be consistent on all Bulk Actions on all index pages.

Companies - New Filter/Export

The below field has been included in the Companies search as a Filter and Export:  

  • Latest Communication Date 
    This date will be the most recent Activity Date on a Company for a record added from the Communication Tab of the Company. 

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