JobReady.Direct Release - 30/07/18

Hi everyone,

Over the weekend, we released a new update and some of you using Direct today may have already noticed that there is a new search available in left hand side menu, under the More section.

We have introduced a new search specifically for Notes that exist within Direct. This search gives you the ability to filter across all the entities in Direct that use notes such as Candidates, Companies, Placements, etc. We are very excited to include this as it is something that has been widely requested and we will continue to add to this search in the future. You may also notice an Export button in Notes search but this is currently still being worked on and we plan to have it ready for use in an upcoming release.

Aside from the above, we have a handful of other changes which I'm sure you will find useful. Please see full release notes below.

Hope you all have a great week!

Brendan Miller
Customer Experience Officer

Search - Notes

As mentioned above, this week's release contains the ability for you to search on Notes that have been added against records into Direct. This includes the below filters:

- Entity (The record type that the note is listed against)
- Category (The type of note that has been created)
- Created By (The user who created the note itself)
- Created Date (The date the user added the note to the record)

This can be useful when generating activity reports for users and dates within Direct. For example - I can filter on Notes created between 1/07/2018 and 31/07/2018 by Andrew Koster.

Note: The exports for this feature are still being worked on, and will be available in production in a future release.

Placements Index - Worksites

In the Placements search, you have the ability to select which fields you wish to see on the list view. The Address information available on this list view will now show the Worksite of the Placement. 

Reminders - Vacancy Sub Status

A new filter has been included in the Reminders Index page for Vacancy Sub Status. This has been included to assist in identifying particular Vacancies by their Sub Status where a reminder is due or completed.

As Sub Statuses can be used in many ways, this can assist when trying to prioritise reminders. 

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