JobReady.Direct Release - 13/06/18

Hi All,

For anybody who is attending the Skills Conference 2018 tomorrow at Dockside in Sydney, please feel welcome to come over and say hi to the JobReady team! James Hourn and myself will be attending, and would love to have a catch-up if anyone has a spare minute.

This week’s release we have added the ability for you to perform a bulk creation of notes against Candidates, meaning that where there are group events or functions that need to be noted within Direct, this can now be done in one simple action from the Candidates search. We have also increased our validation on Seek Job Ad posting, to make for an improved experience when performing the Job Ad Posting, preventing the Job Ads from reaching Seek and failing.

We will also be sending out more information in relation to the Direct Training Webinars over the coming few days!

For a full view of the release notes, please see the below.

Andrew Koster
Product Owner

Seek - Job Ad Posting Validation

When posting Job Ads to Seek, there are multiple fields that require validation to prevent the Post from failing. Direct will now validate these in the system prior to pushing to seek, so that the only time the Seek Job Ad will attempt to be posted is when all validation is passed.

This includes the below:

  • Maximum characters for Bullet Points to be 80.
  • Maximum characters for Description to be 150.
  • Job Amounts to be within the Seek amounts validated.
  • Job Description Formatting.
  • Classification and Sub-Classification existing.

This has been updated to make for an improved user experience when posting Job Ads to Seek without re-entering data if the Job Ad failed to post due to the Seek validation. 

Candidates - Bulk Actions - Notes

Direct allows users to perform searches in bulk and update multiple records at a time. This release provides users with the ability to perform the action against the Candidates to Bulk Create Notes. This comes in handy when handling multiple records at a time, and a note needs to be created against more than one record. 

Candidate Exports

The below field has been included in the Candidates export templates:

  • Latest Activity Details
    This will include the specific details in the Candidates last Activity record. Where a note has been added or an Interview for example, the Interview or Note details will populate in this field.
  • Latest Activity Date
    This will allow users to export the specific date that the latest activity record had actually occurred on.

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