JobReady.Direct Release - 29/05/18

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In this week’s release, we have included further updates to the new dashboard, including the ‘My Companies’ widget. This is great for Field Officers and Consultants to see a full listing of all Active Companies that are associated to them. This can also be utilised where you are assigned as the Recruitment Manager or the Sales Consultant on the Company. This is the first Company based widget that has been released, and we will be working towards making the Prospects widget available over the coming weeks as well.

Additionally, we have increased how the Activities Stream will provide you with information against your candidates, by adding notifications when Placements have been created, and increasing the information able to be exported regarding these Activities from the Candidates.

Outside of the release notes, we are excited to be announcing that we will be performing a series of online training webinars, that will be hosted throughout the back end of June and early July, so watch this space and be sure to register to be involved!

For a full view of this week’s release notes, see below. Have a great week!

Andrew Koster
Product Owner

New Dashboard Widget - My Companies

Having visibility over your caseload is critical within Direct, however we have also improved the dashboard to include your Companies as well. Where a Host is assigned to you as a User (either a Field Officer, Internal Source, or Sales Consultant) you can choose to have this show on your dashboard for Direct.

This will specifically show companies assigned to you with a status of Active, and will allow for you to click through to see the full list of your companies. 

Candidates - Mobile Numbers

When using the JobReady Gateway, candidates were registering on the self service portal allowing them to enter their own contact details. By default the Candidate Numbers were being stored within the home field, however this made the system unable to send SMS to these records. As a result, we have updated Gateway so that when this question is prompted through Gateway that the Mobile number is stored where it begins with 04 and the Home Phone is stored if it begins with anything else. A data update will be run on all Home Numbers to check if they start with 04 so that they get copied into the Mobile Number field. 

Activity Stream - Placement Created

When a user has created a Placement or marked an Application as Current, the Candidate record will now have a new Activity record created against it. This will display specifically who the Candidate has been placed with and when. 

Activity Stream - Activity Date

Activity Stream - Activity Date

The Activity Stream is incredibly powerful, as it will give users a full history of changes to records added to the record that is currently being viewed. As a part of this release, we have added the specific date that a record was changed on instead of only showing how long ago the change was "About 1 year ago" for example. 

Candidate Exports

The below field has been included in the Candidates export templates:

  •  Latest Activity Date 
    This will allow users to export the specific date that the latest activity record had actually occurred on.

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