JobReady.Direct Release - 04/05/18

Hi All

The big update for Direct in this release is related to Astute. For the past few months, the Direct team have been working with our customerson improving the existing Astute and Direct integration, and we are pleased to announce that this is now being deployed to Direct this week. We plan to make a number of incremental enhancements to the Astute integration over the coming months.

If your organisation uses Astute, or wants to know more about this integration, please let me know directly.

We have also been continuing with our updates to the dashboard, and this release provides users with a great tool to see the Interviews that are scheduled in this week and are assigned to them as a user. The expansion of the dashboard is going to continue to grow over the coming months, as this is something we can see will benefit all users with a view to see this being rolled out as an Admin dashboard as well with a system view of this data.

Along with the above updated features within Direct, we have also updated areas within Direct to prevent errors occurring on the Index (Search) pages that have been experienced over the past week. This includes optimisation throughout the searching of Direct, that not only will prevent the errors from occurring, but also improve the speed of searches for users.

For a full overview of the release notes this week, please see below!

New Dashboard Widget - Interviews This Week

As we continue to update the Direct Dashboard, we are also committed to replacing the old widgets that were removed as apart of the update.

One of the widgets that existed previously was the Interviews this Week widget, that will show where an Interview is set to internal, and the current logged in user is assigned to the interview. The interview must have a Start Date within this current working week (including the following Sat/Sun). 

Filters & Exports

The following exports have been added to Site Visit search

  • Candidate Name
  • Employer Name
  • Supervisors First Name
  • Supervisors Last name
  • Employer Contact number
  • Worksite Address
  • Worksite Suburb
  • Worksite Postcode
  • Worksite State
  • Next Site Visit Due
  • Office
  • Officer

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