JR Direct Release - 16/05/19

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This quarter for JR Direct, the team will be introducing more usability around Site Visits, Dashboards and reporting as well. As a big leap forward in this release, the current dashboard has already begun to grow further to include options for Management to have organisation wide data available from their home page. This has been introduced to increase the information available from the Dashboard on Direct, allowing for the user-based widgets to be expanded for management as well.
Further to this, the Site Visit Schedules and Site Visit data are more accessible than ever! We are improving the way that site visits are able to be created and are working towards a more efficient workflow to reduce the possibility for errors when creating Site Visits. Additionally, when adding a Site Visit schedule to a placement, an activity log entry will be recorded with details on the user who added it, how many visits were added and which schedule was used.
Lastly, over the past few weeks the team here have been working behind the scenes on an integration with one of our ReadyTech Group products – Esher House. Esher House provides behavioural science assessment technology and intervention programs. Esher House’s prescriptive analytics tools help providers of employment, apprenticeships and education better understand the attitudinal analysis, segmentation and interventions of their employees and students, so providers can achieve better client and business outcomes. If you would like to know more in regard to Esher House and what it can provide your organisation, please contact me directly, or see the link below:

For a full overview of our release notes for this week on JR Direct, please see below! Have a fantastic week.

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Andrew Koster
Product Owner

Activity Log - Site Visit Schedules

When a user has added a site visit schedule to a Placement, JR Direct will now record the user that added this schedule to the Placement, and which schedule was selected. This will assist in identifying possible schedules being created incorrectly, and assist in identifying which schedule should have been added to a Placement.

Management Dashboard Widgets

On the home page dashboard, users who have the new permission assigned to their roles will now have the ability to see a full organisation wide view of each of these widgets. This has been introduced for management to be able to see all outstanding records or caseloads, rather than an individual view of their own assigned records.

This has been introduced to all widgets available within the JR Direct Dashboard.

Site Visit Schedules - Assigned To User

When creating a new Site Visit Schedule in the Admin Settings, the Assigned To user for that schedule used to be a mandatory field. This field will allocate the site visits for this schedule to a particular user where the Predefined Assignment (Field Officer) is blank on a Placement. This has now been changed to no longer be a mandatory field in the settings, but can still be used to assign Site Visits if a Placement has no Field officer.

Letters & Emails - New Merge Fields

The below fields have been included as new merge fields available to be added to Email and letter Templates: 

  • Placements - Workplace Location Address
  • Placements - Pay Rate (per hour)
  • Applications - Company Trading Name
  • Applications - Company Legal Name

 Note: the merge fields are relevant to the table that the template is being created from. If you are emailing to an Applicant from a Vacancy, only the Application merge fields should be used.

Filters & Exports

The below export has been included in the Notes searches:  

  • Entity Name
    This will be the name of the entity that the Note is against (Candidate Name, Company Name, Vacancy Job Title, Placement Name). 

 The below filter and export has been included in the Placements searches:  

  • Number of Site Visits 
    This can be used for Auditing purposes to ensure that the Site Visit Schedule have created the correct amount of Site Visits for a particular placement. Site Visit Schedules can vary on the amount of Site Visits created where field dependencies are missing from the Placement or the Duration of the Placement is longer or shorter than the Scheduler anticipates.

 The below filter and export has been included in the Site Visits searches:  

  • Created By - Name of the person who created the Site Visit
    (Where a Site Visit is created through an import (Migration) or API, this will be left blank)

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