JR Direct Release - 17/04/19

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This week on Direct we have introduced new changes to a core part of the application, with the team focussing on making your lives easier with Tags, Blockers and Alerts.

We have introduced the ability to drive these by both Tags missing in Direct, and also now where they exist. We have also provided more visibility in the Alerts section of a record to display which tag is responsible for the alert or blocker appearing. This will give you more flexibility around what you want to block or warn people about for specific records within Direct, for example – Vacancies may be blocked from updating to “Open” where the Tag “Position Requirements” is missing from the Attachments.

Along with the above, we have introduced some handy features within the claims, like multiple rebates. This is introduced where providers make more than one rebate payment back to the Host Employer for a single incentive.

Over the next few weeks, we will be continuing to update your dashboard, allowing you to filter the dashboard widgets by “All” users records at a company level and not only on an individual user record.

For a full view of the release notes for this week, see below.

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Andrew Koster
Product Owner

Tags, Blockers and Alerts - Tag Exists

Tags and Alerts have always been based around a particular Tag missing from a record, for example a Host Agreement missing from a Company record. This has now been updated to give you the option to choose whether you want the Blocker or Alert to display due to a Tag existing on a record. This may be use when you have a record that you do not wish to update where a tag exists or to warn users that a record has a particular tag against them when updating records.

This can become quite powerful when preventing people from updating records that may be blacklisted, or even recruiting for a Vacancy that has not been signed off yet. This has been introduced to give you a suite of tools to allow for informative compliance on particular records when updating or changing information where Tags exist or not.

Tags, Blockers and Alerts - Showing Blocker Tags

When using the Blockers and Alerts within the Tags section in Direct, you will be warned within the Notifications on a specific record that there is a Tag preventing you from performing a particular action. This has been updated to show you specifically the Tag required to clear this Blocker or Alert.

Claims - Multiple Rebates

When updating or editing a claim, you will now have the option to add multiple rebates to claim records. This has been included to allow you to track and manage the repayments of your incentives back to specific Host Employers where applicable.

Reminders - Complete at creation

When adding reminders, we know that it can often be the case that you are adding an item that may have been completed already, and that you are adding this to note that it has occurred and you have performed this. Instead of having to create the reminder and then edit to mark this as completed, you will now have the option to mark the reminder as completed as you create it.

Be warned though, the purpose of this is not to encourage back dating completed reminders but to ease the process where necessary. We still capture the created and completed dates for all records.

Notes - Time Spent

Within the Notes of Direct, we have added a new field to be capture the time that has been spent within each note against a Candidate or Placement.

This can be used to capture and understand the time in each transaction to understand what meaningful transactions can be used moving forward to assist Candidates and Placements.

Filters & Exports

The below fields have been included in the Candidate exports:  

  • Year 1 Start Date 
  • Year 1 Expected End Date 
  • Year 2 Start Date 
  • Year 2 Expected End Date 
  • Year 3 Start Date 
  • Year 3 Expected End Date 
  • Year 4 Start Date 
  • Year 4 Expected End Date 
  • Year 5 Start Date 
  • Year 5 Expected End Date 

 These have been included in that candidate to simplify the process for organisations that run their Progression report and extracts from individual candidates instead of the placements.

The Created By & Created Date Filter and Exports have been added to each of the searches below:  

  • Candidates 
  • Placements 
  • Company 
  • Applications 
  • Vacancies

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