JR Direct Release - 25/03/19

Hi All,

A big release this week for JR Direct with a few changes to the UI as well as some feature improvements, so let’s get straight into it.

The dashboard widgets have been improved this week with the reminders now showing all outstanding reminders, not just those that are seven days old. This has been done to give full visibility on reminders where the reminder might not have been done within seven days of it falling Due. Be mindful, that if there is a not clean history of reminders historically, this will be apparent on the dashboard for users assigned to those reminders.

Further to this, we are working on the ability for the widgets to be visible across the board. This is to give managers the ability to not just see what is allocated to them, but to show all records in Direct under that widget. The first part to this has been included in this release, however we will be rolling this out further over the next release or so to show this for all widgets, but currently this is only for Vacancies and Application widgets.

For consistency across Direct, we have updated the labels for some of the fields as there have been different names in different areas for these fields, which are outlined below.

For a full view of the release notes, please see the changes for this week below!

Kind Regards,
Andrew Koster
Product Owner

Letter Templates - Signatures

For some time now, we have been asked if signatures are able to be added into Direct for users, offices, and organisations. This has now been done.

You will now have the ability to upload a signature image to your personal profile, individual office if you have a key person at that office for the communications to come from and also at a company wide level through the Admin Dashboard.

These three options are then available as merge fields for users to apply to the letter templates in the admin dashboard.

Admin Dashboard - Qualifications

While we are still planning on having a live update of qualifications through TGA, we are receiving more and more requests to update and add new qualifications.

We have now updated the Admin Dashboard to include a Qualifications table. This will allow you to update and add the Qualifications when required.

The update brings us a step closer to the live integration with TGA and will assist in the turn around times for adding new qualifications into Direct.

Vacancies - Vacancy ID Reference

When searching for a Vacancy within Direct, you now have the ability to narrow down your Vacancies by searching for the Vacancy ID when searching. This can be used in the below areas of Direct:

  • LHS menu (New Application/Placement Modal)
  • Company Show Page (New Placement Modal)
  • Candidate Show Page (New Application Modal)
  • Candidate Show Page (New Interview Modal)
  • Vacancy Show Page (New Interview Modal)
  • Placement Show Page (New Rotation Modal)

This will help differentiate Vacancies with the same name by their ID.

Filters & Export - Label Updates

To keep the fields on the Placement search consistent with the Placement records themselves, we have updated multiple filter, column and export naming updates. 

  • Qualification Start Date is now TC Start Date
  • Qualification Actual End Date is now TC Actual End Date
  • Qualification Expected End Date is now TC Expected End Date
  • Classification is now Kind

The above fields have also been updated on the Letter and Email merge fields when sending from the Placement. Any existing templates that have these merge fields, have been updated for you.

Reminders Widget - Outstanding Reminders

When you are using the Reminders widget, the date range will now show for all Reminders assigned to you that are past their due date and are not Invalid or Completed.

Previously, only reminders that were due in the past week and upcoming week were displayed, however reminders were being missed and no longer displayed on the dashboard.

You will now see all reminders that are past their due date and have not been completed or invalidated.

Candidate Photo - Remove Image

As candidates are able to upload their own images through Gateway, and users can also upload images, we have made it possible for you to remove this from Direct.

There can be times where the images might be inappropriate to keep on the application where the Candidate is no longer active etc.

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