JR Direct Release - 20/02/19

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Another big update to Direct this week with the configuration side being a large focus. Over the course of the past six to twelve months, we have had more and more requests to allow administrators to setup and configure a lot of hardcoded lookups in the product itself. This week has included the ability for Admin users to configure new Suburbs and Postcodes, new WHS Injury Types, enable and disable Site Visit Schedules and more.


Over the coming few releases, we will be introducing more features in relation to the product security on both Direct and Gateway including Recapcha for Direct and email confirmation for Gateway. This will mean that when a Jobseeker registers through Gateway, they will be sent an email to confirm that the email that was entered is theirs. This will be introduced to be sure that the data that is being collected into Gateway is a legitimate candidate; this will be included in the next release.


For a full view of this week’s release, please see the notes below.

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Andrew Koster

Product Owner

Admin Dashboard - WHS Injury Types

As the list of Injury Types for the WHS records have always been hardcoded into Direct, it has been difficult for users to add the required Injuries as they occur. As a result, users with the relevant access to the Admin Dashboard will have the ability to add new Injury Types for WHS records in Direct.

Admin Dashboard - Suburbs

Direct runs a monthly update to import all suburbs and postcodes into the product to keep up to date regularly. We have found however that new postcodes may be created more regularly than this process and as a result we have included the ability for Suburbs and Postcodes to be added into Direct manually. This can be done from the Admin Dashboard by users with the relevant access, under Suburbs.

Site Visit Schedules - Enable/Disable Schedules

Since introducing the Site Visit Schedules into Direct as flexible schedules, we have seen a lot of new schedules being created, and old schedules have become redundant. This then allows for the risk of incorrect Site Visits to be created against Placements. This release we have introduced the ability for schedules to be enabled and disabled from the Admin Dashboard, meaning you will now be able to disable any schedules that are no longer being used within Direct.

Filters & Export Fields 

The following have been added as Filters & Exports in Candidate Search: 

  • Date of Last Login - (Where your organisation uses Gateway)
  • Number of Applications - (Identifying where Candidates have created either no Applications, or have a range of 1 or more Applications)
  • School Name

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