JR.Direct Release Notes (Dec 10, 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well? This was a pretty short release and we have worked on introducing new functionalities, fixed bugs and have also made some key updates to the product.

This week we have introduced two new features against the file notes entity on JR.Direct. Users will now have the ability to create notes against the placement records in bulk from the placements search page. This is restricted by a user role permission that can be managed from the admin dashboard. Another enhancement that we have done to the notes entity is the ability for the users to build structured file notes through the form type note templates.

In regards to the placement rotations feature, we have added more options to the list of associated records that can be migrated (exposed) from the completed placement to the newly rotated  current placement. 

Further to the above updates, we have added new fields to the rotation alert email template, implemented new validations on the placement entity to restrict the users from deleting the placements that has rotation history and also a new validation while pushing records to the astute payroll system.

Please see the full release notes below and let me know your feedback.


Sreeram Goalla

Product Owner.


Rotation Alert - Previous Host Dates

When a placement record is rotated on JR.Direct, an email notification is triggered to the finance team (user group) assigned to the placement office under the Notification Groups page on the admin dashboard. We have now added the following 2 new fields to the rotation alert email template:

  • Previous Host Start Date
  • Previous Host Actual End Date

Note: Please contact our support team if you would like to know more details about the email notification groups feature on JR.Direct



Placement Search - New Bulk Action

This week we have included the ability for users to create notes against the placement records in bulk from the placements search page. This is restricted by a user role permission that has been included within the Roles and Permissions area from the admin’s dashboard, allowing you to decide which user role should have the ability to update company statuses in bulk. By default this permission will be available only for the admin role.

This permission is labelled as:

  • Can Bulk Create Notes

An activity log record is also captured against the placement record when a note is added from the placement page or through the new bulk action on the placements search page.



Notes - Form Type Templates

Last year, we have introduced a new feature that assists the users to build structured file notes within your notes which we have called Form Type Notes. But this was restricted only to the candidate notes entity. In this week's release, we have extended this feature to be available across all the entities where the notes are available.

This new feature can be accessed through the "Note Configuration" section on the admin dashboard. You can now add fields into the file notes in a structured way and keep all of your notes in line with each other.

An activity log is also captured when a form type file note is created. This new update is available for all starting from today.



Rotation - Migrate associated records

When a placement is being rotated, users will now have an option to migrate or expose the following list of associated records against the completed placement to the newly rotated current placement.

  • Migrate due & future Site Visits
  • Migrate placement Tags
  • Migrate placement Notes
  • Migrate placement Invoices
  • Migrate Placement Properties (Additional Information)

By selecting the check boxes, the selected associated records will travel with the new placement when they are rotated. With this new feature, users can cut down on spending time in tracking back through the completed placements to see the placement tags or site visits history for a particular placement.

Note: We will be adding more options to this feature in the future weeks to have the ability to migrate more associated records such as events, reminders etc to the newly rotated placement.



Delete Placement - New Validation

While deleting placements from JR.Direct, there were chances of deleting the parent placement that has rotation history and users might end up deleting all the placements that are associated to the deleted placement.

Hence, we have added a new validation message to the users on the delete placement window that will identify and display a message if the placement that is being deleted has any rotation history against it.

Note: This will just act as a warning message to the users. But you can still go ahead and delete the placement as per your requirement.



Push to Astute Payroll - New Validation

For the customers who use Astute payroll integration, when users push the placement records from JR.Direct to the Astute payroll system and if the remote id is missing on astute payroll system, duplicate employee records are being created on astute. Hence, we have added a new validation this week to restrict the users from creating duplicate employees on the astute payroll system while pushing placements from JR.Direct.

Note: Please contact our customer support if you would like to know more details about the Payroll Integrations with our JR.Direct system



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