JR.Direct Release Notes (Nov 30, 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well? We have some exciting updates for you this week. In this release we have worked on introducing new functionalities, Gateway portal improvements, fixed bugs and have also made some key updates to the product.

An interesting and a very useful feature that we have added to the site visits entity this week is the ability to adjust the visit schedules (due dates) manually for the visits that were already created. Click on the “Adjust Schedule” button on the visits tab and this will show a prompt on the screen that will allow you to to select if you want to add, or subtract the number of days against the selected due dates. More details about this feature below. 

We have also introduced more custom options against the “Tag(s) Does Not Exist” filters on candidates and companies search page. Users will now have the ability to search for the candidate and company records that do not contain the selected tag(s) or that do not contain at least one of the selected tags. This new filter will be useful to initiate a follow up activity with a candidate where certain tags are not applied against them. You can also search for multiple tags that don’t exist against candidate and company records.

For customers using the SMS feature on JR.Direct, you will now have the ability to send bulk SMS’s to the applicant mobile phones from the applications tab on a vacancy page. We have also introduced the ability to use the merge fields on the quest forms public links. Users will now be able to send the public links with pre-filled data on the forms using merge fields feature.
Further to the above updates, there are more. Please see the full release notes below and let me know your feedback.


Sreeram Goalla

Product Owner.


New Records - Display Current User

While creating the following new records on JR.Direct, by default the "Officer" field will pick up the name of the person who is creating the record.

  • New Candidate
  • New Company
  • New Vacancy



Quest Forms - Pre-filled data on public links

When using the "Generate Public Link" feature within JR.Direct, the recipients are currently receiving the public url without any of the information (pre-filled details) merged onto the form. This might be a little frustrating to some of you as you can merge the information from JR.Direct but cannot provide your customers with the same experience.

Hence, starting from this week you can generate the quest form public links with pre-filled data with the help of merge fields that have a pre-filled version of the submission as the same way that the internal forms currently work in JR.Direct.



Attachments Search - Add Tags (Bulk Action)

We have added the ability for users to update the tags against attachments records in bulk from the attachments search page. This new bulk action will only add a new tag(s) to an attachment record but will not remove any existing old tags against any attachments. Where a tag already exists, it will do nothing to that record. 

  • Bulk Update Tags



Site Visits - Adjust Due Dates (Add / Subtract)

An interesting and a very useful feature that we have added to the site visits entity this week is the ability to adjust the visit schedules (due dates) manually for the visits that were already created. Normally when a site visit is completed early or later than the actual due date, users may need to be able to adjust the remaining site visits due dates by a certain amount of days.

Example: If a field officer completes a Site Visit on 01/12/2020 but the visit wasn't due until 15/12/2020, the field officer needs to change the rest of the Site Visits due dates in the schedule to be due 15 days earlier.

Hence, users will now have the ability to adjust the due dates by clicking on the "Adjust Schedule" button on the top right hand side corner on a visits tab. This will show a prompt in the screen that will allow the user to select if they want to add, or subtract the number of days against the selected due dates. Users will also have a dry run option that will show a preview of how the new schedule will look like with the new due dates before updating it.

Once the schedule is updated, an activity log is captured on the placement page to show the adjusted due dates.



Tag(s) Does Not Exist Filter - AND / OR Operator

To the existing filters on the candidate and companies search page, we have now added the ability to search for records that do not have all the selected tags or do not have at least 1 from the list of selected tags.

  • Tag(s) Does Not Exist

Note: Click on the "?" icon against those newly added options for more instructions on using this filter.



Vacancy - Bulk SMS Applicant (Applications tab)

We have added the ability for the users on JR.Direct to trigger bulk SMS's to the applicant phone numbers from the applications tab on a vacancy page. Users can also choose the SMS templates from this window and can also view dry run results before sending the SMS to the applicants. The sent SMS's will be captured under the candidate and also against the application record on JR.Direct 

  • New Bulk Action (SMS Applicants)



Custom Property - Enumeration Type (UX Upgrade)

Additional details that are of different data types can be added against multiple entities on JR.Direct through the custom properties feature on the admin dashboard. Custom properties are of different data types (Example: String, Enumeration, Boolean, Date & Time).

Options are a mandatory field for creating an Enumeration property against any entity. But up until now, adding options against an enumeration property from the admin dashboard was a tedious process as the key and the value has to be added through a bunch of special characters.

Moving forward, you wont have trouble creating the options for an enumeration property. We have now updated the UI and made the enumeration options section more user friendly. Users can now simply choose an enumeration property type, click on the "Add Options" button on the top and start adding options as per your requirement.



Gateway Welcome Email - Will be triggered after Step 2

For all Gateway customers, currently when a jobseeker or an employer has registered on Gateway, after completing Step 1 of their registration a user account is created on Gateway and a welcome email is triggered to the user account. 

And after completing the Step 2 of the registration the actual candidate record or the company record is created on JR.Direct. We have slightly changed this and aligned the process of triggering the welcome emails and the creation of candidate/company records on JR.Direct to happen at the same time. 

Hence, starting from today all the jobseekers and employers who have registered on Gateway will receive a welcome email only after completing the step 2 of their registration process instead of step 1.


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