JR.Direct Release Notes (Nov 17, 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well? We have some exciting updates for you this week. In this release we have worked on introducing new functionalities, Gateway portal improvements, fixed bugs and have also made some key updates to the product.

This week we have worked on dashboard widgets where some of the customers have requested for a customisation option to set the due dates manually for the due & upcoming reminders, visits and events widgets on dashboard. Hence, starting from today, users will have the ability to customise the due dates for the above widgets based on their requirement from the widget preferences page.

We have also added the ability to copy and paste images saved in your local computer while sending emails from JR.Direct. You can do this on the email body section on the email window on any entity or through the the email templates located in the admin dashboard.

Many more new features have been introduced in this week’s release such as the ability to dismiss the placement alert messages from a placement page, the ability to migrate a list of associated records against the completed placement to the newly rotated current placement, ability to search for records that do not contain certain event kind(s) through a new filter added on both placements and events search pages.

Further to the above updates, we have added a new vacancy closing date merge field against the vacancy record and have also added new filters and exports against multiple search pages and many more.

Please see the full release notes below and let me know your feedback.


Sreeram Goalla

Product Owner.


Placements/Events Search - New Filter

A new filter has been added to the placements and events search page to filter and search for records based on the following field:

  • Do Not Contain Event Kind(s)

When filtering for placements or event records using this filter, the search will return the records that don’t contain the selected event kind(s).

Note: When filtering for multiple placements or events that do not contain the selected event kind, this filter will actively find records where all of the events kinds that are selected are not present against a placement.



Merge Field - Vacancy Closing Date

We have added the following merge field to the letters, emails and quest form templates on the admin dashboard:

  • Vacancy Closing Date



Candidate Search - New Exports

We have added the following export fields on the candidates search page to export the total count of the following records against a candidate record.

New export fields are as below:

  • Total Notes
  • Total Emails
  • Total SMS
  • Total Letters



Email & Letter Templates - Copy & Paste Images

While creating letters or while sending emails from multiple entities, currently users were able to use only the Images uploaded through the merge fields (example: User Signature, Organisation Signature, Office Signature). Starting from this week, users will have the ability to copy and paste the images that are saved in your local computer.

Copy the image in your local computer that you would like to, and select the option shown in the below screenshot, paste the image and click the ok button. You will now see the image has been uploaded to your email body or letter body section.

Note: If you need any assistance with the above, please contact our support team.



Due & Upcoming Widgets - Customisable due dates

Currently, the following number widgets on the dashboard are displaying the records that have a due date 7 days in the past and 30 days in the future. Starting from today, users will have the option to customise the due dates based on their requirement.

  • Due & Upcoming Reminders
  • Due & Upcoming Site Visits
  • Due & Upcoming Events

Click on the widget preferences page on the main dashboard, scroll till the end of the page, enable the due and upcoming widgets. You will now have an additional customisable feature to view the records based on their due dates.



Rotation - Migrate associated records

When a placement is being rotated, users will now have an option to migrate the following list of associated records against the completed placement to the newly rotated current placement.

  • Migrate due & future site visits
  • Migrate placement tags

By selecting the check boxes, the selected associated records will travel with the new placement when they are rotated. With this new feature, users can cut down on spending time in tracking back through the completed placements to see the placement tags or site visits history for a particular placement.

Note: We will be adding more options to this feature in the future weeks to have the ability to migrate more associated records such as notes, events, reminders, invoices, claims etc to the newly rotated placement.



Alerts - Dismiss Alert Messages

Another interesting feature that we are introducing this week in JR.Direct is the ability to dismiss the alert messages against the placement records. Dismissing the alert messages feature would become handy where there might be records migrated from an older database or where the information is stored elsewhere for some records. This can be a problem where users are trying to process information and the alert messages that are showing are not true anymore. With this new feature, you will now have the ability to bypass the alert messages by marking them as dismissed. An activity log record is also captured to show the action that was performed.

This is restricted by a user role permission that has been included within the Roles and Permissions area from the admin dashboard, allowing you to decide which user role should have the ability to dismiss the alert messages against the placement record. By default this permission will be available only for the admin role.

This permission is labelled as:

  • Can Dismiss Alerts

Note: By default this feature is turned off for all customers. Please contact our support staff if you would like to have this feature enabled for placement alerts. We will also be working on introducing the dismiss alerts feature for all other entities in the future weeks.



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