JR.Direct Release Notes (Oct 01, 2020)

Hi Everyone,

Hope you are well? Apologies for the late release notes.

We have some exciting updates for you this week. We have prioritised and fixed the issues that were causing concerns amongst customers where the records are missing on some search pages. We are also working on upgrading the service that triggers automated background jobs overnight to perform certain actions on JR.Direct. You will be able to see the change in terms of performance and other aspects in the coming few weeks.

The biggest update you will see this week is the ability to send outbound emails from a vacancy record to the contacts of the associated company. And from a candidate page, you will now have the ability to generate PDF letters. The outbound emails and the generated pdf letters can be viewed under the "communications" tab on both the entities. Users can now upload attachments against file notes on all entities to add additional details against them.

Further to the above updates, we have made some key improvements to the claims entity, emails feature, new activity logs, new bulk actions and many more.

Please see the full release notes below and let me know your feedback.


Sreeram Goalla

Product Owner. 

Vacancies  - Send Emails

This feature was in our roadmap since a while and we are finally introducing the email feature on the vacancy entity. All users will now have the ability to send emails from a vacancy record to the company contacts of the associated company. The outbound emails sent from a vacancy record can be viewed from the new "emails" tab which is under the "communications" tab at the bottom of the vacancy page.

Candidate Page - Generate Letters (PDF format)

Another new addition to the candidate page is "Letters". You will now have the ability to generate letters in PDF format from a candidate page. You can also email the generated PDF letter as an attachment to the administration team, finance team and the candidate email associated to the candidate record.

Note: Candidate letters can be downloaded under the Communications tab on a Candidate page.

Claims - New Field

We have added the following field to the Claims entity to capture the comments added against a claim record.

  • Comments

File Notes - Upload Attachments

Currently, when a user is completing a note within JR.Direct on all entities, there is no where to include an attachment to add additional information. Hence, we have added the ability to add an attachment against file notes on all entities. The attachments can be uploaded against notes from the following entities:

  • Candidate
  • Company
  • Vacancy
  • Placement
  • WHS Notes

Events Search - New Filter & Export

A new field has been added to the events search page to search, filter and export the event records into a spreadsheet based on the "Officer" of the entity to which the event records are associated with.

New filter is as below:

  • Officer

Reminders Search - Update Assigned Users (New Bulk Action)

Updating records can become painful where a staff member has gone on leave or even left the business. Hence, to make this easy, we have now included the ability for users to update the assigned users against reminders in bulk from the reminders search page.

This is restricted by a user role permission that has been included within the Roles and Permissions area from the admin's dashboard, allowing you to decide which user role should have the ability to update company statuses in bulk. By default this permission will be available only for the admin role.

This permission is labelled as:

  • Can Bulk Update Assigned Users on Reminders

Site Visits - Snapshot of the last completed visit

When accessing the site visits from a placement record, users might find it challenging to click through the tabs of a site visits to find the last completed site visit. Hence, we have added a snapshot on the area above the site visits table that will display the following details of the most recently completed site visit. 

  • Title
  • Due Date
  • Completed Date
  • Completed By
  • Comments

Activity Log - Add New Forms

On all entities, under the "Activities" tab, you will have the ability to capture activity logs when a new form is added against the record. The new activity log will display the details such as the name of the form, the user who added the form and the date when the form was added.

Activity Log - Add/Update Locations

On the candidate and company pages, under the "Activities" tab, you will have the ability to capture activity logs when a new location is added or updated against the record. The new activity log will display the details such as the name of the location, the user who added the location and the date when the location was added or updated.

Note: Locations added through Gateway will not have a "created by" name.

Admin Page - Sender Emails Addresses

We have renamed this page "Whitelisted Emails (Outbound)" to "Sender Email Addresses" on the admin dashboard. As an admin user you can add a list of email addresses to this page and choose to select them while sending emails from different entities.

Note: The default sender email address will always be your current email address.

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