Process: Creating a Quest Form


Administrators can create Forms for use within the Ready Recruit product!

Ready Recruit has integration with Quest Forms. Quest forms are custom digital questionnaire forms that can be added to and stored against a record within Ready Recruit. They are created based on your business requirements and eliminate the need for paper forms!

This guide will show you some useful features to help you set up Quest Forms on the Ready Recruit Product! 

Creating a Quest Form


Click on Admin Settings from the left-hand side navigation panel.




In the Forms Management section, click on Forms.



This will redirect you to your Ready Recruit forms URL


Displayed is a list of all of the existing forms. To create a new form click on ‘New Form’



Complete the fields and click Create Form


  • Name – The name of the Form 
  • Description – Type a short blurb to describe the form
  • Help Text - Type a short blurb to assist in anything related to the form
  • Template - Select the Template of the Form (most forms are created using Flaty)
  • Tags -  Add the tags related to this form, this will determine where they are found in the system, eg. Adding Candidate as a tag will allow this to be selected from a Candidate Record, multiple tags can be added by leaving a space between each tag
  • Merge fields context - This allows you to select which merge fields are related to this form. eg. selecting Company will give you Company related merge fields




Click ‘New Section’


Give the section a name and a description and click ‘create section’


Add fields to the section by clicking on New Field


Fields are essentially the questions within each section of your form

  • Label – The question itself
  • Help text – Type a short blurb to assist in answering the question
  • Element –
    • Short text – free type short field

    • Long text – free type long field

    • Check box – tick boxes

    • Likert – dropdown

    • Signature

    • Dropdown - free type fields that can be given points to return a score

    • Email

    • Datemceclip7.png

    • Date time

    • Time

    • Radio Buttons

  • Sort order – the order in which the questions appear on the form
  • Required –  tick if a mandatory field 


Repeat until you have created all of the questions in the section


To view your form at any point throughout the process go back to the main title page


Click ‘Actions – View’


This is how the form will look in your JobReady Site



Once you're happy with your form, click the Publish button



The Form is now created! Follow this guide to learn how to share your form with the public via a public link!






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