Process: Creating and Editing Prospect Statuses

Administrators can create Prospect Statuses within the Ready Recruit product!

This guide will show you some useful features to help you set up Prospect Statuses on the Ready Recruit Product! 


Quick Navigation



Creating a Prospect Status


Click on Admin Settings from the left-hand side navigation panel.




In the Company Configurations section, click Prospect Statuses





To create a Prospect Status, click New Company Prospect Status



The New Prospect Status modal will appear with the following fields



  • Name- Name of the Prospect Status
  • Description- A description of the Status
  • Company Status- The Status the Company current is eg. Active or Close
  • Enabled- Tick this box to Enable the Status to be selected
  • Default- Tick this box to make this a default status
  • Notify Administration- Tick this box to notify the Administration Email Notification Group of the change of Status
  • Notify Finance- Tick this box to notify the Finance Email Notification Group of the change of Status

Once the relevant information has been entered click



The Prospect Status is now created! Prospect Statuses can be added to Companies by editing the Company Status in their Company Record!



Editing a Prospect Status

To edit a Prospect Status, navigate to the relevant Prospect Stats and click the Edit button next to the Prospect Status



The Edit Prospect Status modal will appear, edit the relevant information and click



The Prospect Status will now be updated with the relevant changes made!

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