Email Notification Groups


Administrators can create Email Notification Groups to be used within the Ready Recruit product!

This guide will show you some useful features to help you set up Email Notification Groups on the Ready Recruit Product! 


Quick Navigation


Creating an Email Notification Group

Click on the Admin Settings dashboard icon from the left-hand side navigation panel



In the Communication Configurations section, click Email Notification Groups

To create a new Email Notification Groups, click Notification Groups

The New Notification Groups modal will appear with the following fields:

  • Office- Select the office you wish this notification group to be linked to
  • Name- Name of the Notification Group
  • Email Addresses- Enter all the emails you wish to be included in this Notification Group ( separate these Email Addresses by clicking the Enter key after you have finished entering each Email Address)

Once the relevant information is entered click


The Email Notification Groups will now be created!

Editing an Email Notification Group

To edit an Email Notification Group, click the Edit button next to the relevant Email Notification Group



A drop-down box will appear, select Edit from this drop-down box





The Edit Notification Groups modal will appear, to remove an Email Address from the Notification group click the X icon next to the relevant Email Address

When all the relevant information has been edited or removed, click




The Email Notification Group is now updated with the relevant information changed!

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