Ready Recruit Release Notes (13 Dec, 2021)

Emails & SMS Tabs - New "+" button

Until now, the users were triggering the emails or sms's by clicking on the "New" button on the top toolbar against every entity. Starting from tonight, users will have the ability to trigger outbound emails and sms's from the communications tab itself from all the entities. 



Forms Submission - Notify Administration Email

Currently, when a form is submitted on Ready Recruit there is no way to know when this has been submitted or completed. Based on the feedback received from some of the customers over the product suggestion page, we have added a new feature that will notify (trigger an email alert) to the administration email group (Under email notification groups on the admin page) when a form has been submitted by an internal/external user against any entity. 

This will help the administration group to view the details of a form submission where a particular form has been completed against an entity by a particular user at what point of time. This will also help the team to check if there are any issues or details that needs to be updated against the forms.

We currently have the following predefined notification email groups on Ready Recruit against every office. The email notification groups also notifies the other groups (finance email etc) about the placements and qualification status changes.

  • Notify Administration Email Group
  • Notify Finance Email Group
  • Notify Recruitment Email Group
  • Notify Vacancy Internal Source Group

Note: The email notification groups feature is turned off for some of the customers by default. If you would like to have this turned on and know more about this feature, please feel free to contact our support team and we will have this feature enabled for you. We will be making more improvements to this email notification groups feature in the coming weeks.



Security Settings - Account Lockout Policy

Account lockout policies are being introduced into Ready Recruit as a part of our security upgrades to the system to lock out a user accounts when someone fails to log on multiple times in a row. We can usually assume that a legitimate user might type their password incorrectly once or twice, but not multiple times. Thus, multiple failed logons can indicate that someone is trying a brute-force password attack (trying to keep guessing the password until they gets it right). 

Hence, we are introducing the following 3 new options to keep the user account secure:

  • Account Lockout Threshold
    • The Account lockout threshold settings determine the number of failed log-in attempts that will cause a user account to be locked. The default setting will be 5 Failed Attempts. Means, the account will be locked out after the 6th failed attempt. You can set a maximum value of 10 failed attempts or you can specifY the account will never be locked by setting the value to "Do Not Lockout".
  • Account Lockout Duration
    • The Account lockout duration settings determine the time the account will be locked out for. The default setting will be 15 mins. Means, the user account will be unlocked automatically after the 16th minute and the user can try again after that time.
  • Unlock Account Manually
    • When the Unlock Account Manually option is selected, the account will remain locked out until an administrator manually unlocks it from the user page on the admin dashboard.

Note: The above feature is currently turned off for all customers. These settings will be turned on from the new year or probably in the next release. And also, as informed in the previous release notes, we are working on improving the security modules on Ready Recruit and Gateway products. We will be adding more security options to this section in the future weeks such as Single Sign-On, MFA, User activity logs, Security Responsibilities banner and many more.



List of all New Features:

  • Added a new security module to Ready Recruit.
  • Added the ability to configure user account lockout policy on Ready Recruit.

List of all Improvements & Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug against "Latest Communication Date" field on companies & placements search pages.
  • Performed some GEM upgrades in the background to fix security vulnerabilities.

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