JobReady.Direct Release - 14/12/16

New features are now available in JobReady.Direct. Check them out!

Hi Everyone,

Relatively small release this fortnight, with a lot of the work going in being done in the back end rather than front end feature development. The biggest change that we have introduced in this release is adding a carousel to the New Vacancy screen, allowing us to utilise more fields on the vacancy creation, while reducing the screen space taken when adding new fields. In addition to this feature, our Commercial Manager - James Hourn followed through on a 12 month promise to deliver 1 development ticket in 2016, something I never thought that I would see.

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Vacancies - New Vacancy

To allow for more information to be filled into a Vacancy at the point of creation, JobReady.Direct has introduced a carousel style "New Vacancy" screen. The New Vacancy screen will have 4 stages when creating a Vacancy, however users have the option to create a Vacancy once all required fields on step 1 are completed.

Each of the 4 steps are interactive at the top of the page, and will allow users to go to whichever step they require, as well as having the option to move to the next or previous step at the bottom of the screen.
The steps consist of the below types of information:
Step 1 - Required Information (Job Title, Description, Required Fields).
Step 2 - Further Information (Trade details, Open/Close Date, Job information).
Step 3 - Working Hours (Mon-Fri Start/Finish).
Step 4 - Additional Information (Custom Properties setup against the Vacancy record)

Left Hand Menu - More

On the left hand menu of JobReady.Direct is a drop down of additional searches labelled "Other". This has now been renamed to "More" by our Commercial Manager - James Hourn, as a promise last Christmas to complete 1 development ticket in 2016.

Company Filter

In this release, we have included a new filter in the Companies search:

  • Blacklisted

This will identify any Companies that have been flagged as Blacklisted.

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