JobReady.Direct Release - 02/12/16

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Summer has arrived! With our second last release of the year, we have introduced some fantastic features in relation to the Recruitment side of Direct by enhancing our Vacancy - Applications table even further. We have also been updating our current WHS module within the system to allow for more searching and reporting on these records as well as additional functions within the WHS records.

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Vacancy - Application Table Updates

Over the past few weeks, our focus has been heavily weighted towards improving the recruitment side of the JobReady Direct system by allowing more functionality within the Vacancy area. In our latest release, we have updated the table columns to provide users with the Age, Suburb, and Postcode of an Applicant to improve the value of the data displayed. The Suburb and Postcode will display the Home Address of the Candidate if it exists, otherwise it will display the postal address. While adding these columns, we removed the Job Title column as this is already visible on the current vacancy.

Further to the additional columns being made available, JobReady.Direct will now allow users to perform a Bulk Status Update on the Applications. An example of how this may benefit you as a user might be that this can be used when identifying a large list of records that may fit the Vacancy criteria to mark them as Shortlisted, or to do the opposite and mark Applicants as Not Suitable.

This currently does not include a sub-status update, only the Application status.

WHS Updates

JobReady.Direct will now include a WHS Index page to allow for reporting on WHS records within the system. This search can be found under the Other tab of the left hand menu. Within the Index page, users can Filter and report on WHS records, as well as export a full list of WHS records.

As a part of this release, the team have also built in the option to add a WHS Note to a WHS record within the system. This will allow users to open the WHS record, and add notes to a particular WHS record throughout the WHS lifecycle. To create a new note, click on the actions button of a WHS record, and select Notes.

Once a user clicks on Notes, they will be taken to the Notes listing against that record, where they can view a list of existing Notes or add a new Note.

Company Status

To improve the workflow of a prospect Company, a new Company status has been added to the system for "Prospect". By default, companies will still create with an Active status, unless a default prospect status has been setup.

Prospect Status

In line with the above update to the Company Status, an update to link a Prospect Status to a Company Status has been included in the Prospect Status area of the Admin Dashboard. What this means is that when a Prospect Status has changed, the linked Company Status will be assigned.

This will mean that organisations can setup a custom workflow based on the default Prospect Status, and its corresponding Company Status. Once a Prospect Status has changed, the corresponding Company Status will be updated with it.

For example - Prospect Status = Pending, Company Status = Prospect.
If we update the Prospect Status to Customer the Company Status will update to Active.

This can be completely customised within the Company Prospect Statuses.

Candidates - Training Tab

To increase the visibility of currently placed Candidates, the Training tab that contains the Training Details of the Current Placement will be made visible from the Candidates page. This will only display if the Placement has a status of Current, and there is a Qualification linked to the Placement.

Letter Templates

Letter Templates have now been updated to allow for margins to be entered against them. This will allow for the margins to pre-fill when selecting a new letter from a template within the placement.

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