JobReady.Direct Release - 18/11/16

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Hi Everyone,

We are very excited to introduce the below updates into JobReady.Direct in this release, and as a personal favorite the Application Profile Quick Statuses. This section of the system will continue to grow over the coming few releases to improve the recruitment and pre-placement workflows within JobReady.Direct.

Kind Regards

Application Profile - Quick Status

With our continued updates focussing on improving the pre placement stage of an Application, we have expanded the Application Profile to allow for quick scrolling, and quick status updates.

This will allow for users to view the details of an Application from within a Vacancy and at the click of a button, mark them as Short Listed or Not Suitable. Once the status button has been clicked, the next Application will appear in the profile screen.

Applications will only have the option to be marked as Short Listed, or Not Suitable if the Application Status is currently Applied.

To quickly view information across multiple records, users will also have the ability to click on the Next or Previous buttons to show the next record in the list.

This will currently scroll through records based on their created date, however we are working on expanding this to scroll through the list based on its current sort order.

Vacancy - Applications Table

The Applications table has been updated to include the ability to sort each column heading, as well as a Toggle All checkbox at the top of the Applications table.

This has been implemented to improve future updates that will be introduced to the Applications section of a Vacancy.

Reminder Templates - Predefined Assignment

When creating a new Reminder Template, or editing an existing Reminder Template, users will now have the ability to specify a predefined assignment for the Reminder. This means that a user can specify the reminder to be assigned to the Officer of an entity, rather than specifying the users name from a template.

Where the predefined assignment is blank on the entity, the reminder will then assign to the user selected from the template.

The specific Predefined Assignments are below:


Internal Source

Internal Source



The below field has been included into the Vacancies columns:

  • Time Basis

The below field has been included into the Vacancies exports:

  • Time Basis


The below field has been included into the Vacancies columns:

  • Qualification Status

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