JobReady.Direct Release - 03/11/16

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Hi Everyone,

As per usual, it has been a very busy sprint for JobReady.Direct over the past 2 weeks, with our development focus being heavily around expanding our Interview module and continuing to drive towards a better Reminders system.

I mentioned this in the release notes a few weeks ago, however I wanted to reiterate JobReady's direction for the Site Visits and Reminders in JobReady.Direct. We aim to have have the 2 modules combined into 1 by the end of the year. This means that all site visits will essentially become reminders. A part of this development is building out our existing Reminder Template area to be customisable for each type of workflow for each type of placement, for each organisation, allowing users to create the entire Reminders list (Visits, followups, scheduled calls, etc.) at the point of the placement creation.

So please, read the below updates that have been introduced in the latest release to JobReady.Direct, and as always feel free to ask us if you have any questions related to the release.

Kind Regards

Interview Index Page

JobReady.Direct has built an Interviews index page under the Other section of the left hand side menu, to assist users with reporting on previous and upcoming Interviews within the system. The search will consist of the below fields as Filters and Exports, but will be expanded over the coming weeks:

  • Interviewer Name
  • Interview Date
  • Candidate Name
  • Interview Type
  • Outcome

Interview Outcome Field

To increase the information that can be captured on the interview record within JobReady.Direct, a new field has been created called Interview Outcome. This is a lookup field that can be setup from the Admin Dashboard - Configuration - Interview Outcomes. These values will default to be blank, and must be setup by the Administrator of your organisation. To access this, the administrator must have the permission assigned to their role.

Once the values have been setup from the admin dashboard, they will become available to select against the Interview Outcome field which has been made visible on the Interview Index Page (Filter, Column, Export), and the Interview Table.

Widget - Interviews This Week

A new widget has been made available on the users home page dashboard called Interviews This Week. This will be visible where a user has this selected, and will display Interviews with the below criteria:

  • Interview Date consists of current week (Monday - Friday).
  • Interview is Internal
  • Interviewer is assigned to the current logged in user.

Interviews on this widget will display with a link to the Candidate, Date and time of the interview, and the Job Title of the vacancy if it is linked.

Invalidating Reminders & Visits

When a placement has a Host Actual End Date entered, whether it by the Rotation feature, or by the edit button next to the Host Details, a prompt will appear to ask if the user "Do you wish to invalidate any Visits/Reminders scheduled after the Host Actual End Date?". Where the user checks this box, any reminders or visits that have a due date beyond the Host Actual End Date will be marked as Invalid.

Further changes are still being worked on over the coming weeks regarding the Invalid reminders.

Reminder Schedules

When a user creates a reminder schedule from the admin dashboard, the key trigger dates (Due Field) that are used are now based on the entity selected when creating the Reminder Template.

  • Candidate Created Date


  • Company Created Date


  • Vacancy Created Date
  • Vacancy Filled Date


  • Placement Start Date (Host Start Date)
  • Placement Expected End Date (Host Expected End Date)
  • Qualification Start Date
  • Qualification Expected End Date

New Reminder

When a user marks a Reminder as Completed, an option to create a new reminder will appear. Users will have the ability to specify a date at this point which will be the due date for the new reminder. The new reminder will replicate the details from the completed reminder (Assigned To, Title, Details).

When marking a reminder as Complete, and there is an existing reminder that has not been marked as Completed (Future, Due, Overdue), a prompt will appear to advise that a reminder already exists, this will be visible above to Due Date of the new reminder. This is just a warning to reduce duplicate reminders being created.

Application Profile

In a Vacancy under the Application table, JobReady.Direct has implemented an Application Profile section to allow users to view the details of a candidate without needing to click into the Applications, and then into the candidate record.
Candidate Tags have now been included on the Application profile to allow for further visibility on the candidate records.

Further development is underway in relation to the Application Profile over the coming weeks, be sure to watch this space!


JobReady.Direct has updated the Trades Management within the Admin Dashboard of the system. Administrators will now have the ability to Enable/Disable Trades that are no longer relevant or are new. Where a trade is no longer required, this can be disabled from the admin dashboard, and will no longer be able to be selected from the Trades list for new Vacancies.

Any disabled trades that are currently assigned to a vacancy will remain there to be able to be filtered and exported, but will not be able to be assigned to new Vacancies.

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