Process: Attaching, Completing and Viewing Forms Submissions within a Vacancy Record


Users can Attach, Complete and View Forms Submissions in the Ready Recruit product!


Follow the steps below to Attach, Complete and View Forms Submissions within a Vacancy Record!


Quick Navigation

Attaching a Form

Navigate to the Vacancy Record


Scroll down to the information storage panel at the bottom of the page and click on the Attachments section



Click on the Forms tab 



To add a new quest form, click on the Add button next to Forms




In the new form modal window, select the form you want to add from the drop-down and then click 



The Form is now attached to the Vacancy Record!

Completing a Form 

To complete a form (a green circle with '0' will be displayed if it has not yet been completed) click on the Actions button next to the relevant form



Select Complete from the drop-down box




You will be redirected to the relevant form, enter the relevant information on the form and click 




The Form is now Completed!

Viewing a Forms Submissions

Once a form has been completed, a green circle will be displayed with a number (for the number of times it has been completed). 



When the user clicks this green circle they will be able to view the submission made against this form.



To view the relevant Submission click on the Actions button and select View from the drop-down box



The Submission will now open in a separate tab to be viewed!

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