Process: Adding and Managing Attachments within a Vacancy Record


Users can Attach and Manage Documents in the Ready Recruit product!


Follow the steps below to Attach and Manage Documents within a Vacancy Record!


Quick Navigation

Attaching Documents

Navigate to the Vacancy Record


 In the taskbar click


Select Attachment from the drop-down 



The Bulk Upload Attachments modal will appear



Simply Drag & drop files into the box or browse for them on your computer.

Once you have attached a file, the modal will change to this view with the following fields



  • Label - The label you wish the attachment to be known by
  • Tags- Any tags you wish to add to the attachment
  • Expiry Date- If you wish for the attachment to expire by a certain date you may set that here
  • Version Number- the version number for the attachment


Once all the attachments have been added and the relevant information filled in, click 



The Documents will now be added!

Viewing and Managing Documents

Scroll down to the information storage panel at the bottom of the page and click on the Attachments section



Click on the Documents tab 


Displayed is a list of all of the documents previously added to the record, to view any of the documents simply click on the file name!





To edit a Document, click on the edit icon next to the relevant document



The edit modal will appear, edit the relevant information and click



The Document will be updated with the relevant changes made!


To delete a Document, click the Delete icon next to the relevant Document



This will create a prompt, click OK to delete the Document



The Document is now deleted!

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