Process: Accessing the All Vacancies Index Screen


Users can search for Vacancy Records in the Ready Recruit product!


Follow the steps to search for Vacancy Records within Ready Recruit!


Quick Navigation

Searching for Vacancy Records


 From the left-hand side navigation panel, click All Vacancies




This will display a list of all vacancy records within your site!





Note: Sort each column alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the column header

Filtering and Exporting Search Results


Use the taskbar at the top of the page to perform the following actions




Filter/ Search


To Filter Vacancy Records, click on 


The options displayed in the drop-down menu allow a user to search for a vacancy record by using these filters

Once the desired filters have been selected and the relevant data entered, click



Search results will be displayed!

To remove filters use the "x"

To clear ALL filters select


Saving Filters


If you wish to save your applied filters as they will be used frequently, click 



The Name modal will appear, name your Filter and click Save



To select a saved filter, click 



Selected your desired filter from the drop-down and it will be applied to your search!

Note: Saved filters are only available to the User who created them


Export to CSV


Once your search has been narrowed down, you can export your results to CSV by clicking on


The user will have the option to export directly from the search results or select an export template from the drop-down


Once selected click


The user will be re-directed to the export screen where they can view previous exports and download the CSV file by clicking on




You're able to filter which columns you would like shown


You can do this by clicking



The Customise Columns modal will appear, select the columns you wish to see and click Save.




Your Search will now show with those Columns displayed!

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