Process: Accessing and Managing the Qualifications Tab


Users can access the Qualifications and Education information within Candidate Records in the Ready Recruit product!

Follow the steps below to Access the Qualifications tab within a Candidate Record!

Quick Navigation

Accessing the Qualifications Tab

Navigate to the Candidate Record

Scroll down to the information storage panel at the bottom of the page and click on the Qualifications tab



There are two sections within the Qualifications tab and we will outline them below!


This Section allows the User to view and manage Qualifications specific to the Candidate

To add a Qualification, click the Add button next to Qualifications


The Add Qualification modal will show with the following fields


  • Qualification name - select from database
  • Apprentice Kind - select from Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • Trade - select from the drop-down (trades created via admin dashboard)
  • Claim Types - select which claim types (created from admin dashboard) to add to the record (claims added here will populate the finance section)

Once all the relevant information is entered, click


The Qualification is now added!

To edit a Qualification, click the Edit icon next to the relevant Qualification 


The Edit Qualification modal will appear, edit the relevant information and click


The Qualification is now updated with the relevant changes made!

To delete a Qualification, click the Delete icon next to the relevant Qualification


This will create a prompt, click Delete to delete the Qualification

Note: Deleting the Qualification will also delete any linked Traineeships or Apprenticeships linked to this Candidate


The Qualification is now deleted!


The Education tab stores information based on the Candidates Education

To edit Education details click the Edit icon in the right-hand corner


The Edit Candidate Details modal will show with the following fields 


  • Highest Completed Level of School or Education
  • Year Completed
  • Date Left School
  • Current School Level
  • School Name
  • Month/Year Qualification Commenced
  • Month/Year Qualification Completed

Once the relevant information has been added, click 


The Education details will not be added to the Candidate Record!



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