Process: Accessing a Candidate Record and Viewing the Information it Stores


Users can access the Candidate Record of every Candidate on the Ready Recruit Product!

Below are some steps on how to access Candidate Records and Information on the data it stores!

Accessing a Candidate Record

From the Left-Hand side navigation bar select All Candidates


Search for the candidate using any of the Filters available, for this example we will select the First Name filter.

Click the Add Filters button


 Select First Name from the drop-down box 


Type in the name you wish to search and click Apply


This will filter the results to only include information relevant to the filter/filters you have selected.

Once you have found the Candidate Record you wish to view, click the View icon next to the relevant Candidate Record


This will redirect you to the Candidate Record page!

Each section of the Candidate Record Page is outlined below -


  1. Candidate ID- The ID associated with the Candidate
  2. Candidate Name, Photo and Payroll Reference- Candidates Name, Photo and Payroll Reference Number
  3. Create New- Click to add new items to the Candidate Record
  4. Candidate Status and Sub status- Candidates Status and Sub Status
  5. Candidate Officer- The Officer in charge of this candidate
  6. Alerts and Reminders- Click to access and Alerts or Reminders created against this Candidate Record
  7. Candidate Site- The Site this Candidate is assigned to
  8. Candidate Details- Candidates basic details such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth and Email Address
  9. Home Address- Candidates Home Address
  10. Postal Address- Candidates Postal Address
  11. Contacts- Candidates personal contact details as well as Emergency contact details
  12. Information Storage Panel- The Information Storage Panel
  13. Delete this Candidate - Clicking this will Delete the Candidate

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