Managing Seek Ads

View Ad on Seek

Once you have posted a Vacancy to Seek, users can access the Seek Job Ad by clicking on the View Ad on Seek button. When the Job Ad has been posted, the link to the Job is saved into Ready Recruit and made available here to redirect users if required.

Edit Job Ad

Once you have posted a Vacancy to Seek, users then have the ability to Edit the Job Ad allowing them to make required changes to the existing Job Ad without the need to post another. Simply click on the Edit Job Ad button and make the required changes. When a user clicks on Update, the Job Ad on Seek will be updated with the changes made instantly.

Expire Job Ad

If a user wishes to close or expire a Job Ad from Seek that was posted from Ready Recruit, simply click on Edit Job Ad and scroll to the bottom of the popup modal. Users will find an Expire Job Ad checkbox highlighted in red, once this has been clicked, and the Job Ad is updated, the Job Ad will be marked as Expired from Seek removing it from the Seek Jobs Board.

Note: For a Vacancy to be able to be edited to be expired, the Vacancy status in Ready Recruit must be sitting at Approved. It is recommended that placing an Application to this Job is done after the vacancy has been expired to avoid reverting the status to expire it.
Additional Information

  • Seek Job Ads will be active for 30 days unless updated to Expired.
  • Once 30 day mark has been reached, the Seek Job Ad will automatically be marked as Expired.
  • If a Job has been re-posted for an Expired vacancy, this will be considered a new Job Ad on Seek.
  • Every successful transaction is stored in the lifecycle of the Vacancy (Posting, updating, Expiring).
  • When sending the recruiter or storing the recruiter field in either Seek or JobReady the “Internal source” of the vacancy is considered the Recruiter.


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