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As mentioned in introduction, your system must be configured with Ready Recruit Gateway before the Apply with Seek integration can be configured.

When using the Apply with Seek feature, it is best to have the above Job Ad Posting integration working first.

This will allow the system to send the Seek Linkout URL along with the Vacancy when it is posted to Seek. Meaning that the redirect linkout from the Seek Job Ad will link JobSeekers and Candidates back to the Gateway Job Ad when clicking Apply Now.


When a Candidate finds the Job that they wish to Apply for that utilises the Apply With Seek feature, they will click Apply now on the Job Ad on Seek.

This will redirect users back to your Ready Recruit Gateway system, prompting the Candidate to Register with Gateway.

Once the Candidate has registered with your Ready Recruit Gateway system, the Candidate will be created in Ready recruit (behind the scenes) and will then be redirected to the Job Ad on Gateway.

The Candidate will then have the ability to click Apply which will send an Application through Gateway to Ready Recruit for that particular Job Ad.

If the Candidate then wishes to use the Apply with Seek option, they have the option to close the popup modal, and click the Apply with Seek option.

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