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For some time now, the Ready Recruit dashboard has been quite basic, allowing users to view a widget for their personal records with a listing of only 5 records per widget. This becomes pointless and expensive in terms of real estate on the dashboard when 5 or more records need to be available.

As a part of this update, improved widgets and user experience and personalisation have been the key drivers for change.

Key Updates

The new sidebar has been improved to allow for users to have a smoother experience within Recruit. Allowing users to collapse the sidebar using the “Hamburger” tool on the top right of the sidebar, while it remains visible and accessible with the icons created. This is available anywhere within the system and will allow for users to hover over the icons to access the modules they need while maximising screen space.


A key change to the sidebar has also been the separation of the Placements and the Applications. Users will have the ability to access the All Applications search, as well as create a new Application from the new sidebar, removing the requirement for these to be created from the Vacancy or Candidate.mceclip6.png


Recently Viewed Records

The old dashboard had a widget that would list the last 5 viewed records for each entity. This has been changed so that these are no longer available, however, they have been replaced by an addition to the Global Search. When users click on the global search, a sidebar pop up will appear outlining the recently viewed records for each entity within the system. When users click on the record, they will be directed to the record selected.



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