Competency Based Progressions

Ready Recruit has been improved to support the automation of progression dates being added to the Contract Dates tab of the Placement. This has been our focus leading into the end of 2019, we have included further improvements by allowing for Competency Based Progressions to be managed and tracked as well.

As a result, users will be able to enter Actual Year End Dates for Year 1 to 5 that may vary from the Nominal Year End Dates. Where a Placement has progressed early based on Competency, users will be able to also recalculate the remaining Contract Dates by clicking on the button on the bottom of this screen. This will calculate the Year Start and Expected End Dates following from the Year Actual End Date that has been entered.Where a date has been entered incorrectly, or the Contract Dates need to be reset back to what they were when they were previously, we have included a button. This button will set the Year 1 to 5 Start and Expected End Dates based on the Training Contract Start and Expected End Dates regardless of the Actual End Dates in the Contract Dates tab.Additionally, where a record has a Year Actual End Date, the Placement will be automatically assigned a tag "Competency Based Progression". This is allocated by Ready Recruit to easily identify Placements that have been progressed in this manner.

Note: the following update is a feature that needs to be requested to be switched on. You can request for this functionality to be turned on to your staging site, however, this will be turned on for all Ready Recruit clients on 01/01/2019.


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