Process: Creating a Jobseeker profile from Ready Recruit


Ready Recruit offers an option to create a Jobseeker profile through RR for use on Gateway!

Note: This is an optional feature and must be turned on to be used!

Ready Recruit User Steps

  1. Navigate to the Candidate you wish to create a Jobseeker profile for
  2. Click New and select Create Jobseeker from the drop-down box

  3. The Create JobSeeker modal will appear (will have extra questions below these fields depending on Gateway Signup Steps)
  4. Only required questions (*) need to be entered, any other questions can be filled out by the Jobseeker in future steps 
  5.  Fill in the required information and click
  6. The following success message will show in the top corner if the JobSeeker was successfully createdmceclip3.png 

Jobseeker Steps

  1.  After the above steps, the Jobseeker will receive an email similar to this

  2. The Jobseeker should click the Click here to create a new password link, this will redirect the Jobseeker to reset their password

  3. Once the password has been changed the Jobseeker will be redirected to the Terms & Conditions page

  4. After the Jobseeker has accepted the T&C's they will be redirected to the rest of the registration signup questions (the page will look different based on the questions on your gateway site)
    Note: If the additional fields have already been answered along with the required fields in step 4, the Jobseeker will be redirected straight to the Gateway Dashboard

  5. Once the Jobseeker fills out all the required questions the Jobseeker profile will be complete and they will be redirected to the Gateway Dashboard!

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